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Enchanted Bendigo

First finished thing for 2015…Yipppppppeeeeeee! Oh glory, oh goodness, I am so very, very happy with this sweater. It was a pleasure to plan, to spin, to knit and to wear…despite the heat, despite the humidity. I revel in its glorious splendiferousness. This is Enchanted Bendigo, my version of Enchanted Mesa by the wildly genius […]

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Falling into Christmas

Oh yes, it is Christmas, the end of days! End of school, end of kinder, end of swimming, end of piano, beginning of holidays, camping, ripe apricots, school watering rosters and Christmas flurry. We are falling into Christmas. We have camped for a few days by a beautiful river. We have hunted down our tree […]

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Show to shawl

A couple of years ago I made this for Australian Sheep and Wool Show with some of my handspun yarn. Baby Lottie won a prize and as part of the prize, I received this hand dyed merino top from Fibres Yarns and Threads. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with this. […]

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