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Small things: Christmas things

Despite the searing heat withering the leaves outside, my thoughts are turning to Christmas. There has been some baking, sewing and making of small things. As my children insist upon growing, they have new aprons this year. These are drawn entirely from stash I am pleased to recount. Our Dear Boy has a brown corduroy […]

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Wildsmith Yule

Merry Christmas to you! ¬†Happy Saturnalia! Festive Sol Invictus! Here is something beautiful and inspiring for you on this day from Brian Wildsmith in 1972.    

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The Wreath and the Apron

We turned over the ‘make a wreath’ card in our Advent Calendar a few days ago. My dearest wish would be to have a wreath of real holly, ivy, mistletoe and pine but in the Melbourne heat, even if you could get such things, it would go all wilty in a day. So this is […]

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