Welcome Baby Wrap Over

May 12, 2013

IMG_6432For me, there is something very pleasurable in making something for a newborn.  So long in their journey to get here and so small when they do finally arrive.

IMG_6416I dreamed up my ideal newborn outfit whilst struggling in the hospital bed with a cesarean, bending over doing all those press studs on the onesies when all I wanted was lots of skin to skin snuggles with my new baby.   So…the next time I was ready with a  wrap over cotton nightie that tied at the sides, was lined with brushed cotton for warmth and that undid quickly and easily for that lovely closeness during feeding.

I made this one recently for a much anticipated, especially welcome baby.

IMG_6422To make my pattern, I just used a wrap style cardigan with raglan sleeves that was in my collection.  It is a popular style in the baby layette pattern collections.  I extended the sides to wrap over a bit more and increased the length to generously cover a baby’s toes.

IMG_6436Cut out two sets of pattern pieces, right side fabric and lining.  I always wash and iron the fabrics first to get all that finishing stuff off it and get the shrinkage sorted out.  The fabric here is a linen and cotton mix de-stashed to lucky me from the baby’s mum. The lining is a good quality brush cotton or flannelette.

IMG_6439Seam, trim fabric, clip curves and press open seams on both fabric and lining.  Make sure the side ties are in place in the fabric and lining in the side seams.

I made the side ties by turning over a 1/4 ” seam allowance and sewing down as I don’t have one of those pull through thingies. Pin them into position an inch under the front wrap over curves.

IMG_6398To place the ric-rac in the right position, mark a faint pencil line 5/8 ” around the outside edge of the wrap over. Tack the ric-rac down along this line.

IMG_6399Placing right sides together sew a 5/8″ seam all around the outside edge and bottom hem of garment, leaving enough hem open to pull garment through. Hand sew this opening later. Trim, clip and grade seams. Press.

IMG_6405The sleeves were a little trickier because they are so narrow. I basted the ric-rac around the sleeve hem and then turned the seam under and hand stitched it to the lining.

On previous wrap over nighties, I have used narrow piping to edge the garment, but I really love how this vintage ric-rac has worked.

IMG_6411It ties under the arm inside.

IMG_6428And on the outside.