Magic Loop

April 22, 2013

IMG_6008I recommended the Magic Loop method to someone the other day as a solution to decreasing for a sleeve but having no double pointed needles.  Although I had recommended it, I had actually never done it but always meant to try it.

And then, a couple of days later, I really needed to use it and tried it and love it! So what is the Magic Loop method or maybe you just don’t care?  Stop reading now if you get spots from Knitting Geekery!

Magic Loop is a way of using a long circular needle to knit small circumferences.  Normally, to knit a small circumference in the round, you would use a set of four or five double pointed needles or a very small circular needle.  But, what if you need to knit something right now and don’t have the right size double points or don’t like the ladders that double points sometimes make in the knitting?

Well, then you take your long circular needle and cast on your stitches.  Then fold the stitches in half pulling out the excess cabling of the circular needle till the needle points are close enough to join for knitting in the round.  Knit around the first half of the stitches and then pull the cable through the knitted stitches till your needle points are lined up for the second half of the stitches.  Genius idea.

IMG_6011You can see the cable loops in this pic.  I am half way through the stitches on one side of the circle.

There are loads of tutorials online if your curiousity is peaked.  This is a good place to start.

Although this is a great method to get you out of the missing needles conundrum, I must say I do like a nice set of double pointed needles.  They always remind me of my mum, who is a great knitter.  It always looked so complex and arcane when she knitted socks on double points.  But she told me not to be afraid and that they were quite easy.  And so they were.

So although I love ingenious tricks with circulars, I do favour a bit of the arcane when I can get it.

Who else likes double points?

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  1. How funny, a friend and I were reminiscing about watching our mothers knit when we were children. We both agreed that the big chunky wooden needles and the ones joined together were our favourites. Have fun using your Magic Loop!

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