The Mouse Who Sewed…Alot

April 18, 2013

IMG_6004This is a cautionary tale for the passionate seamstress.  A dear reader reminded me of this story in response to my dolly clothes frenzy.

It is the story of a mouse who sewed a bit too much.  So frenzied was her sewing that her poor mouse love had to do all the cooking, cleaning and hard yakka.

IMG_5999But she did make some excellent frocks.

And then this happened.

IMG_6003Beware of cats dear sewers.  They don’t like you making stuff!

It doesn’t quite go like this of course.  If you are curious to find out what really happened, have a hunt for Tim and Helen Mouse, written and illustrated by Judy Brook.  Thanks to JL for finding this book and passing it on to our kids when hers out grew it.  We both remember this from when we were children because that is how old we are now!

So old in fact, that our library books had stuff like this typed in the front of them.

IMG_5997Those librarians may have had crap typewriters but they were ruled with a rod of iron!

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  1. How much do I LOVE this book! We actually still have a copy and its a favourite with Lulu too. Helen was an inspiration to me as a child, and I didn’t even get the traditioanl gender role modelling with poor Tim mouse having to do all the work. I was just consumed with joy at the thought of Helen making such wonderful frocks and fully loved her commitment to the passion driving her- that was the lesson I learnt from this book.

    1. Yes, when I read it as a kid, I just wanted to be Helen mouse. I had completely forgotten about poor old Tim mouse till I read it as an adult. I probably still want to be Helen Mouse truth be told!

  2. I somehow missed this book in my childhood. Sounds ahead of it’s time with a turnaround of gender stereotypes.
    I fondly remember the typed library cards with slips of paper date stamped. We used to play “library’s” when we were girls all the time!

  3. Hi there, I have a rather strange request! I have been searching for years for a particular book that was a childhood favourite, I think that this book you have mentioned may just be it! If possible, could you please upload some more of the illustrations from the book! I have been unable to purchase it anywhere and I’m desperate to see of it is in fact the story I’ve been searching for! Thank you very much Miranda McCallum

  4. Hi again, just wanted to say thanks again for your help! I actually managed to find a copy of this book in America, but I had to make it mine! Lol
    Now that I have it I read it to my daughter but I won’t let her touch it! I’m sure I’d never be able to replace it if it ever got lost or damaged! Miranda Mccallum x

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