Homemade Lazy Kate

March 9, 2013

IMG_5797My folks found this in an op shop (charity shop). I just love it.  It is a homemade Lazy Kate for holding bobbins of yarn singles ready for plying on a spinning wheel.  You can see the holes where the uprights were placed originally, but it probably tipped in plying.  So, the uprights were moved back to make it more stable.

IMG_5799It has been made from whatever materials were to hand, the uprights are unmatched and the rods are bent nails.

IMG_5804You can even see the weld marks where two nails were joined together.

IMG_5803Solid and rough, a base to be proud of. Someone made this for a spinner, thoughtfully and ingeniously.  In thinking only of utility, they actually made something very beautiful – something that speaks of the person who made it.

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  1. Don’t you just love things that have a story, even if you don’t know what the story is. What a great find and how wonderful this Lazy Kate has found an appreciative home.

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