But where is the knitting?

February 13, 2013

Yes, it has been a while since I talked about knitting.  So what happened to all the hoopla about starting something?

Well, I waited for the yarn to come.

IMG_5289And I waited for a lovely set of Addi Turbo needles to come.

And then I tried to get started only to realise that the first two lines of the knitting pattern, including the all important number of stitches to cast on had not made it on to my (poorly) photocopied pattern.  The book was at my local library out on loan.  What was a knitter to do? I turned to the friendly folk on Ravelry of course.  The lovely Purlpetal from Cork in Ireland sorted me out with right number of stitches and I was away.

Or was I?

With all the kerfuffle and waiting and false starts, I did what made no sense at all, knit something that doesn’t need to be done at all but I had both the needles and yarn for!

IMG_5568My sister-in-law reminded me of the wonderful dolly knits in Golden Hands.  So I looked through my collection (a lovely evening) and cast on for A Peasant Outfit for Suzie (Part 48, vol. 4).  The pattern was sized for a small girl shaped dolly but our dollies are all bonny curvy babies so I just used a thicker yarn (5ply or sport) and 3.75mm needles and it all worked  out just fine.

IMG_5546These sleeves are just lovely.  They are made from K2tog, YO on the right side, then P2tog, YO on the other side.  Such amazing texture from such a simple stitch pattern.