The Beginning of the Trouser Quest

February 10, 2013

I agree with children’s author Sally Rippen when she says that the new year really begins in February.  The kids are back at school, kinder and playgroup start.  Life is transformed from the languid daze of summer to the predictable routine of pick ups and drop offs, play times, bath times, dinner times.  Once I know the routine, then I can begin to find the spaces in between that can belong to just me and I can plan for what can be achieved rather than just imagined.

So from the jumble of ideas and yearnings of January, I have refined my view of the craft year ahead.  It is going to be a sewing focused year I reckon.  Top of the pile is the Quest for the Perfect Trouser Pattern.  Yes, I know I thought I had found this last year with those lovely pair of Smooth Sailing Trousers from Wearing History.  I still love them but the vintage cut means the crutch is rather low which together with the high waistline has contrived to take every curve out of my already less than curvaceous backside.  It looks like my bottom is missing!

What I want to do is to draft a basic pattern from my own measurements and then use the basic flat pattern to draft a range of trouser shapes.  Can you see why I am calling it a Quest?  It may take some time.  But I am buoyed by my rediscovery of Golden Hands, an amazing craft mag series from my childhood.  Amidst the crochet, macrame, applique and historical embroidery, they contain a wealth of dressmaking advice about fitting and drafting.  Golden Hands will guide my Quest.  I shall rely on you, my dear readers to let me know if the resulting trousers get a little too seventies!

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  1. Rebecca – I have my trusted basic wide length pant pattern – In fact I just ran up another pair yeasterday! Might be helpful in your quest?

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