Oh Knitting Gods

January 21, 2013

Dear Knitting Gods,

It has been 21 days since I last knitted.

I am feeling a little forsaken by the Muse.  I have made my knitting list for the year, well begun it anyway.  It includes knitted dolly clothes, some knitting for trading, a cardigan for a much anticipated May baby and a some projects from my British Yarn Quest.  But nothing is inspiring me at the moment…post trip flatness as a pancake flat thing.

I have ordered my yarn for the trade projects, am waiting for my Mailed-to-Self parcels from the UK to arrive and can’t quite face the dolly clothes yet.  Of course there are some unfinished projects from last year that need attending to but that is not what I need at the moment.

So…I am jumping right in with a something completely unplanned, that doesn’t really need doing but I have the yarn for and the yearning for that I just decided on five minutes ago – a pinafore something for Our Dearest Girl in some indigo coloured Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran and some Noro in pinks, greens and browns.  Sounds ghastly but looks lovely…I think.  I am adapting a Lincraft pattern my mother-in-law photocopied for me ages ago.

Now I find I don’t have any 5 mm circulars of the right length.  I’ve looked in all the project bags and places where they might be – how can I not have the 5 mm circs I need.  I want to cast on tonight…I am feeling the Muse…now!

Delay, delay.  Must get circs tomorrow.

Anything exciting in your knitting/craft lists for this year dear readers?

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