I am not knitting

December 17, 2012

I had thought I would not knit on the German leg of our adventure. I had thought it would be good for me not to knit for a while.  I have been thinking that maybe my enjoyment of knitting is a little compulsive.  My mindfulness book that I have been reading intermittently on holiday suggests trying to find some time during the day which you spend consciously without purpose.  Since knitting often fills those times in the evening where I might possibly be without purpose, I thought not knitting in Germany would be a mindfulness challenge, a chance to become aware of feelings arise when I am not knitting and being otherwise usefully engaged.

To begin with although I stopped knitting, I started spinning.  So that probably wasn’t quite the ‘not knitting’ experience I had planned.  Then when packing necessity drove the spindle deeper into the suitcase, I found I really wasn’t knitting or spinning or even reading in the evenings (we had to ditch our books so we could keep carrying the kid’s books).

These are my findings:

  • I get a bit grumpy if I am not knitting
  • I feel unsettled and uncomfortable in the evening
  • Channel flicking German TV shows isn’t as interesting as I thought it would be, even if you find something with Colin Firth dressed as a Roman.

IMG_3732I was still determined to not knit through Germany until I turned a corner in a Cologne Christmas Market and there was a basket full of sock wool.  It was dark, the knitting shop was bright, I knew how to ask how much the knitting wool was in German.  And that was all it took.

IMG_3731So I am now knitting in Germany with my German wool, well actually it turns out, although the label was written in German, the yarn is from Italy.  Not quite the locally sourced yarn I quest for, but quite lovely.  I am knitting a pair of socks for me using a free pattern by Erica Leuder.

I will think about why I knit later, right now, I am enjoying knitting my socks.

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