Pineapple Peek

December 7, 2012

Just finished in time for the coldest bits of our adventure – I have called it Pineapple for now.  I had wanted to make a teazle shape with twisted stitches but on mass like this and in this particular colour, it looks overwhelmingly pineapplish to me.

It came into being when our dearest girl refused to wear the polarfleece hat I had packed for her because it didn’t cover her ears properly!  This one has double ear insulation and the addition of the pom-pom means our dearest girl is both happy to put it on and KEEP IT ON.

Pineapple is knit in King Cole superwash merino blend DK on 4mm circular needles.  I am writing a chart and pattern for it that I hope to put up soon. Our dearest boy made the pom-pom.