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Edwardian Counterpane

November 29, 2012

Isn’t this a lot of knitted loveliness?  I took this pic at Morwellham Quay, near Tavistock in Devon.  The whole village is a World Heritage site of Victorian/Edwardian life.  There is a working farm, copper mine, railway and dock as well as a forge, coopers, assayer’s office and general store.  This counterpane was in the house in the village depicting middle class life.

Here is a closer look.  It is knitted in cotton.  This type of work was typical for the late Victorian and Edwardian period.

My Dad’s Mum knitted me a dolly blanket in these kind of white knitted squares when I was a very young girl, leaf shapes meeting at the stitched edges and united with a crocheted border. I loved it and love it still.  My children use it now.  It was knitted in acrylic in the early 70s and has proved completely indestructible .

Perhaps it is this little dolly blanket that draws me to white work counterpanes.  I love pouring over my Mum’s white work knitting patterns, happily browsing for hours.  Mind you, I haven’t knitted one yet.  But I do dream…of something knitted in an unbleached organic cotton or a plump and bouncy wool the colour of custard or perhaps an undyed silver grey from a dear sheep I might know one day. Such pleasant dreams.

If you like me dream such dreams Pattern Central has a great free pattern here.

Do you dream in yarn?