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December 19, 2019

It is stupidly hot here. We’ve already had our hottest average national temperature ever and the hot spell has not even peaked.

And yet I still go on preparing for our Yuletide celebrations.

I’ve been baking gingerbread as we do every year.

I’ve been crocheting winter plants from other lands to decorate our lounge room. Here is mistletoe.

…and holly.

The hotter we get, the more bizarre seem the ancient yuletide rituals brought to Australia from the Northern hemisphere. And yet I bake on…

A Merry Christmas to you where ever you are. May you find warmth or cool according to your need. Thank you for the great pleasure of your company this year.

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  1. Happy Christmas to you and you family.
    I do enjoy reading your posts.
    Here in my part of England it is chilly, wet and some foggy periods. We have had cleared days with frost which look lovely but see me out with the kettle to defrost the chickens’ water.
    My grandaughter from Melbourne is staying here for her long uni holiday. She is keeping me up to date with the Melbourne weather.

    1. Ah Mary, that’s funny, we are icing our chicken’s water! I’ve been freezing wheat grains and sardine bits in water to tempt her to peck at the ice. Such strange contrasts at this time of year.

  2. And a merry Yuletide to you and your family. Yes it must be a bit strange celebrating the return of the light when in fact you are experiencing the opposite.

    1. Yes, there’s so much light Jane, it sears your skin after 10 minutes if you are unprotected. Merry Christmas to you.

  3. Dear Rebecca, thank you every so much for your post. Lovely crocheting goodies and the cookies look yummy. I heard about your extreme heat wave today on our news (i am in southern ontario, canada). We are very cold and some snow. At the moment. Take care dear lady and happy holidays to your and yours.

  4. Dear Rebecca, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. It is very cold here in Michigan, yesterday the windchill was -20 Degrees F. Today it is a balmy 20 degrees. Lots of snow on the ground, very much more than normal like your heat is beyond normal in Australia. I have followed a Facebook page on the climate and fires in Australia. I am so sad to see the destruction and drought. Your government head seems to be as greedy and useless as ours here in the US. Your cookies look yummy and the decorations very seasonal. I enjoy your blog and the beautiful items you create. May your health continue to improve and continue to take care of yourself. Joanie

  5. Hello… friends and I who follow you are appalled at your weather. we don’t have the same wild snow storms as they do in the midwest. A little snow this morning to turn into rain soon.
    Your rituals are important, keep at it! May it be cooler soon.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  6. Your gingerbread look delicious. Yes, considering today is set to hit 43c it does seem strange how we continue our English traditions, having said that I would miss eating my Mother’s Christmas pudding! May your Christmas be a joyful one.

  7. were all mad in Australia what did i do yesterday I knitted a dragon to go on the top of my wool tree and have been knitting a bird a day and cooking at least today i found a recipe that only needs freezing but then you have to dip them in hot chocolate , go figure they were kid friendly though OREO balls if you look it up it takes approximately 3 packets of oreo biscuits to 250g cream cheese and make the balls with a teaspoon.
    enjoy what ever else you do over the festive season and hope you continue to get better in 2020

  8. maybe we should be looking for crocheted gum leaves and flowers they are certainly the right colors and would look fantastic i will have to find some i think

  9. Dear Rebecca – you and your fellow Australians are much in my mind these days with the horrific news about the bush fires and extreme high temperatures. I cannot imagine how you cope with the worry – and the heat. It is fascinating to see these traditions from a colder part of the world linger in yours. One of my Australian grandmother’s recipes was for a chocolate, dried fruit and nut sort of cake/biscuit which she kept in the fridge – absolutely delicious! Reading what you say, I can see that they were a sort of compromise between the idea of hot Australian Christmases and northern hemisphere Christmas food. I must dig out the recipe and make them again! Stay cool, and have a very happy Christmas with family and friends, Katherine

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