second harvest

November 19, 2019

All through the winter we had good rain and some sun. The dill, coriander, kale and chard flourished and in spring, the poppies burst into happiness.

Now, as I wait for the zucchini, corn and cucumbers to grow and flourish, I am also waiting for the second harvest of those winter and spring crops…seeds.

I am waiting for kale seeds to ripen for collecting and resowing.

I am waiting for dill seeds to dry for the spice cupboard.

I am waiting for coriander seeds also.

And I am waiting for poppy seeds for my first ever, home grown, poppyseed cake.

While South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland are parched and burning far too early, in the Central Highlands of Victoria we’ve been lucky enough to have what locals are calling an old-fashioned winter, a winter of rain and drear. Gardens and paddocks are lush and green as fire unrelentingly consumes parts of our country that have never burned before. Amid all this green, it’s hard not to feel that luck and time are running out.

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  1. I can almost smell the herbs in the photos. My sage, and coriander are dying, despite my beat efforts. This years crop will now have to wait until next year. Oh well, it’s great to get in the garden and get dirty. Lol.
    We are also waiting with baited breath out here in south-west Victoria (Birregurra), despite the rain we had a few weeks ago, it’s doesn’t take much for it go up, especially The Otway’s, not far from us. I hope you escape any danger from potential bushfires. I know it’s inevitable that we’ll get the big burn, all we can do is prepare, and fight, or evacuate. It’s the animals I feel for. It breaks my heart that Australia is burning out of season, and it’s just being ignored; if we don’t talk about it, it isn’t happening, apparently.
    I love your blog btw.
    Sorry to add my bit, but it’s getting me so frustrated that it’s even happening at this time of year, and I feel so helpless to do anything, other than what we are already doing.

    1. I certainly hope you weathered the extreme heat and wind yesterday…the weather is so unpredictable and extreme now. I am so glad you commented…we are all feeling that creeping dread.

  2. It’s hard to maintain positivity isn’t it? Even while doing our individual bests.
    And a nice lush green winter followed by a dry hot summer leads to lots of fuel for fires.

    1. I think it is particularly hard to remain positive when our government conitues to abrogate our global responsibilities toward the climate. Our grandchildren will curse these days of inaction.

  3. Oh that POPPY! A real treat to see it. I keep getting updates re the fires NW of Sydney. Glad you are in the place you are and reaping the bounty of your work!! Good job. we just had a forecast with snow on the way. Tis the time.

  4. Although raining now we have had a very dry year in our corner of Spain. In fact this is the third dry year in a row and yields from the veggie plot have been so poor we abandoned growing our own this year altogether. Our olive harvest is also going to be significantly down with more than half our trees just not producing at all. It’s hard to know if this is part of a bigger long term trend or just a little local blip. It’s worrying.

  5. So reviving to see this, Rebecca, from our cold grey northern hemisphere world! And especially good to know that some parts of Australia still enjoy decent weather when we hear so much about those terrible fires about Sydney – long may it remain so …. Enjoy that harvest 🙂

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