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The Great Sock Adventure

September 5, 2012

We are going overseas soon for three months.  I have been giving the travel knitting some serious thought.

  1. I must knit
  2. It must be a small project
  3. It must use just one set of needles
  4. It must be a project that uses local yarn
  5. It must be a useful, light item when finished.


I am a sock virgin – never done it except a little pair of baby socks once, a long time ago.  I thought I wasn’t a sock knitter.  Too many other things to do.  But travelling is a perfect time to explore sock knitting.  I can get single skeins of yarn as we travel and when I’ve finished, we can wear them.  My intention is to try a different sock method with each pair: top-down, toe-up, different heel constructions.  I’d like to try patterns by the sock design greats such as Cat Bourdhi, Cookie A and Ann Budd.

I am also going to collect shades cards and plan some very specific on-line purchases for when I return.

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