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August 27, 2019

It feels good to be back here in this space. It has been sometime between posts.

In my last post, I told you about the Spinal Twist Cowl that published in their 2018 Winter edition. That pattern has now been translated into Danish by Marianne Holmen and can be accessed either on the Danish knitting community website or from my Ravelry page.

Marianne has translated this pattern as free service to Danish knitters and in this work I see the kind of sharing economy that used to epitomise much of the online craft community. It is a great compliment to have her translate my pattern. Thank you Marianne.

Despite not blogging, I have still been knitting and here is a dress that I finished some time ago for Our Dear Girl.

The basic pattern was the free Praire Fairy Jumper from Drops Design, with some small motif changes and continuing the A-line shaping to make a dress instead of a jumper. My daughter decided on the colours and their placement. She was particularly clear that she did not want the fuschia pink I had selected and replaced it with a berry russet instead. I think her choice works very well.

The DK weight yarn was from Jillybean Yarns, from Somerset in the United Kingdom, a small yarn company I first encountered on a trip there about seven years ago. This yarn is a bouncy blend of Blue Faced Leicester and Shetland, grown and processed in the UK and dyed by Jill Jones herself. It is exceptionally pleasant to knit with and wears extremely well. It is both robust and durable and yet my daughter is happy to wear it next to her skin as well.

It is a garment that my daughter loves to wear and Jill is often in my thoughts when I watch my girl running and playing in this dress.

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  1. How lovely to open up your blog today and find a brand new post! The dress is really gorgeous. It looks like she might just squeeze another winter out of it too!

  2. So glad to see a post from you hope you are still recovering and the new house is a help with a new garden soon we should be able to get out in it. Soon.

  3. How nice to find something from you popping up again, dear Rebecca! What a gorgeous dress and how lucky she is to have you to make it for her! I do hope all is well in your world and that the long silence hasn’t meant anything other than taking a rest.

  4. Rebecca, I’m so happy to see you back. I know you’ve been quite busy getting used to a new neighborhood Your daughter’s dress is lovely and the colors she picked are great.

  5. Oh, the dress is beautiful Rebecca. I am so happy to see a post again by you. I have had a hectic 6 months. I purchased a new home in Escanaba, MI, sold my home in Marquette (been in this house for 30 years!) and also sold my mother’s home of 60+ years in L’Anse, MI. All towns about 70 miles apart so it was a lot of travel by car to get things done. I am finally in my new home and must say, 30 years of stuff is not as easy to put away in a smaller home! However, I have a 2-car garage and beautiful art studio above the garage. Nothing set up in studio yet as I have had to concentrate on setting up the home to actually live in. I am now living 5 miles away from my beautiful daughter and two grandsons and wonderful son-in-law. I will have to send photos and a real letter once I get satisfactorily settled. I did manage to start a lace shawl during the upheaval. Hope your health is getting stronger each day. Always, Joanie

  6. Well, this was a very welcome surprise!! The cowl looks great as does the dress. Haha, NO pink for that girl!! I’m with her 🙂 Love that yoke pattern. Welcome back.

  7. Lovely to hear from you again, I often wonder how you are. Your young lady looks great in her dress and I can see why she is loathe to take it off. Sending best wishes x

  8. How clever of you to knit your daughter, it’s beautiful. I remember my dear MIL’s story of how she was invited to a wedding, and as money was tight she bought a couple of balls of wool each week and knitted a jacket & skirt to wear to the wedding.

  9. So good to hear from you again, Rebecca. And that dress is just great – your daughter’s made a fab colour choice there! I have to say that I’m amazed she’ll wear a wool dress – so many parents say to me these days that their children won’t wear wool, complaining it’s too itchy. This is such a great example of what they’re missing out on! No wonder you’re so pleased and proud 🙂

  10. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!! That looks absolutely gorgeous!! WOW!! I love the colours together.
    Congratulations on your lovely cowl pattern too!
    Big hugs
    Jill x

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