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It Is Good To Be Back

November 19, 2018

Dearest readers, I never mean to be away so long…life just happens and the days get away from me.

Firstly we had the whirl of school holidays and then there were birthdays. Lots of things were made but escaped being photographed. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will recognise the following pics from Our Dear Girl’s birthday gifts.

She asked for doll clothes and since I reckon I just have only a year or so left before she stops asking, I thought I’d make what I could this year. These are just some of what I made, most things mixing with each other to create a flexible wee wardrobe.

All materials were in stash, scraps and bits of things left over from repairs or bigger sewing projects.

The wee cardigan was knit in Jamieson and Smith left overs and even has a front steek  and centred yoke motifs.

I was a bit thrilled when this outfit made it to the Fringe Association Elsewhere series.

The other reason I’ve been away so long is that Needle and Spindle had an unfortunate hacking experience that we are still sorting out. Thanks to very kind, concerned email from reader Serena, I was alerted early and my service provider sprang into action. The hack was not directed at subscribers, rather it worked to redirect those searching for the site to a commercial site. But they’ve left their muddy digital boots all over the place and everything has needed a good cleaning.

Needle and Spindle is secure again but it does remind me that the internet can be quite a hostile place. We make our little cosy spaces amidst a heaving digital zombie hoard pressing in on all sides. Sometimes one gets over and upsets the mending, tangles the knitting and spills the preserves.