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Tuff Socks Naturally: Ryeland the Socks

March 23, 2018

Today’s post is one in a series called Tuff Socks Naturally, an open, collaborative project exploring more sustainable alternatives to superwash and nylon in sock yarn. You can join in on the discussion, share pics and projects on this blog or Local and Bespoke or on instagram using the hashtag #tuffsocksnaturally.

They are done! Knitted up and on my feet for the next stage of the experiment.

I spun up 50 grams of Ryeland as a high grist 2 ply and 50 grams as an opposing 3 ply to test the variable rate of wear. The two yarns were pretty much the same weight, light fingering with the 2 ply being just a smidge lighter.

I decided on Whisky Bay Woollen’s Lowtide Socks for Tuff Socks Naturally 3 as I wanted something I could wear in my runners and get wear everyday on dog walks and exercising. My only mod was to make the larger size on smaller needles  (2.25 mm) as my yarn was lighter than regular sock yarn and to add a ribbed cuff to guard against my shoes eating my anklets which happens sometimes.

Once the knitting was done, it was almost impossible to tell the difference between the socks, although one is slightly lighter than the other. I will have to have some way of marking the difference between them to test their wear.

Just for fun, I dyed these lovelies in ornamental plum, modified with washing soda. They are the colour of autumn in Ballarat.

They are on the trail already with 2o hours under their belt.