Postcards at Sea #7 Waiting Purposefully

February 14, 2018

I had every intention of posting a craft post this week.

Instead, I am waiting purposefully for some energy to return. I came across that phrase recently, listening to the wonderful Saga Land by Richard Fildler and Kari Gislason. It describes perfectly the kind of waiting you do whilst fishing or (I think) recovering from illness.

Just when you think you are almost a normal person, CFS/ME likes to give you a bit of whack around the head to remind you about pacing, being careful, going slow blah blah. Over the last week, I’ve had various kids sick, the dog sick, parent/teacher information nights, an indigo vat success and miscellaneous family errands to run and now I find myself unable to walk in a straight line. Making school lunches this morning was like getting through a physics exam when you studied for geography and any kind of moving feels like dragging someone’s else body up a muddy hill.

So sorry, no tales of Tuff Socks or natural dyeing derring do this week, I reckon I can manage to stick one photo in and that’s my limit. See you next week, bonny and blithe.

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  1. Purposeful waiting is such an amazing phrase! I will have to ponder that one for awhile. Think about how many parts of life it could apply to…

    It’s interesting to me how we decide some things in our life should be easy. Walking is a very complex thing but it should be easy. We get so used to the amazing things our body can do until we can’t anymore. Wishing you a restful week. Go gently friend!

  2. Oh bless. We are our own worst taskmaster sometimes. Slowing down and pacing myself is a lesson I have still not learned and I’m no longer in the first flush ?. I like the idea of purposefully waiting, of getting all your ducks in a row mentally before actually beginning a task – my natural instinct is to rush in, any delay is exquisite torture!

  3. Some things just take more time than we would like them to take. Just take care of yourself and give yourself time to heal. Best wishes!

  4. I love your phrase. We do a lot of waiting in Alexander teaching and I’m now going to add ‘purposefully’ to it. But I’m so sorry you’ve been struck down again and am wishing you a speedy return of energy and straight lines. Or, as I write I’m thinking, could praise of all things wonky extend to walking??

  5. Please pace yourself. I guess we all think we are super people but then a kick in the shins proves otherwise. Lay on the sofa with Maggie Dog and do nothing!!

  6. My thoughts are with you my dear. Really is a tough go. There are no proper words. You did well with coming to us at all. I am suffering from back issues so I sympathize with your dilemma though different from mine. One day at a time.

  7. Time to rest on your well earned laurels for a little while….sometimes that tail comes back to bite us but does not tarry for long….wishing you well dear Rebecca…..

  8. Waiting. Listening to your body. Having a talk with an anxious mind. All difficult practices. Fair winds on this journey, Rebecca. As always your hand is firmly on the tiller.

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