Spinning All The Spins

September 18, 2017

One of the most enjoyable things about spinning is that once you have made your decisions about the kind of yarn you want to spin, you just spin, and spin, and spin. My previous post on sampling explored the decision making process if you are curious about I approach this.

Amidst the tumult of moving cities, settling into a new house, school and neighbourhood, the myriad of complexity involving simple things like where to get bulk oats or coloured hairspray for crazy hair day or getting the car serviced, it is a blessed relief just to spin.

There are so many projects I have been wanting to spin for and finally it is all getting done.  You can see here a 100g of Finn x Lincoln from Fairfield Finns, carded into batts and spun into a 3 ply semi woollen for a hat, a tiny ball of 2ply worsted laceweight in ultrafine Merino from flicked locks for a special project and a 2ply worsted DK merino from hand dyed top for mittens.

And then a big spin I have started with a Gotland fleece I bought from Granite Haven a couple of years ago.

Spinning takes me to a calm place where time stills, worries fall away and all there is the treadle and the draft and the filling bobbin.

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    1. Dear Nicola, lovely to hear from you in this space. Yes, amidst the maelstrom of the moving, spinning is a still space. But truthfully I am not sure which came first, practicing meditation or finding the meditation in spinning.

    1. Dear Sophy, one of the projects I had in mind was for a shawl as the drape is just wonderful but I think now that might be for another Gotland fleece!

  1. I think for us, spinning is a kind of refuge, a place to go where things are ok. This I am sure is the same for so many hobbies that you can lose yourself in. But what I marvel at is, why spinning? I have had so many craft type hobbies and none of them have been quite like spinning for the ability to make everything alright! ? Your spinning is lovely btw.

    1. Dear Jane, That is actually what I am curious about too. Why spinning? I have loved knitting with a passion for so long but the deep peace I get from spinning is something else again. I do wonder if it is the lack of decision making once the process gets started. Unlike knitting or sewing, there are no, only going problems to solve, once you have sampled, set your whorl and tension. There is certainly checking for consistency but no stopping to divide for sleeves or set a zip etc. perhaps it is easier to reach a flow state with spinning.

  2. Your resulting yarn looks gorgeous and I can identify with the feeling of refuge from all else. I started knitting a lace scarf and simply can’t wait to sit down and count the pattern out and watch the knitted fabric get longer. It is mind soothing and heart felt. Happy for you. Joanie

    1. Dear Joan, How lucky we are to have discovered such solace in our pastimes. Perhaps that is the way with all hobbies, they absorb us and take us into a flow state where all the world recedes for a short time.

  3. Even though my spinning is far from pretty, it wraps me up in place that is both in the present and in the past. I love it.

    1. Dear Diana, you raise an important point, that it is not so much a product driven enterprise, the heart of pleasure in spinning lies in the doing. I also love that idea of being in the past and present at once in the practice of spinning. I hope you fared well in recent storms. I know you werent directly in line but perhaps there some flow on effects?

  4. Just got the latest PLY magazine where they explored ‘semi’ yarns and saw that you spoke of a 3 ply semi woolen! Have you seen that issue? Very nice spinning. Me? Sometimes calm sometimes Not 🙂

    1. Dear Susan, No I haven’t read that one yet. I don’t subscribe to Ply but just borrow them later at the Guild! It takes me a while to stay current. It sounds perfectly timely though, I shall hunt it up.

  5. Without a doubt you have made a moving meditation of it. I’m glad you’re settled. Crazy hair day’s a big one over here too!

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