Spinning All The Spins

September 18, 2017

One of the most enjoyable things about spinning is that once you have made your decisions about the kind of yarn you want to spin, you just spin, and spin, and spin. My previous post on sampling explored the decision making process if you are curious about I approach this.

Amidst the tumult of moving cities, settling into a new house, school and neighbourhood, the myriad of complexity involving simple things like where to get bulk oats or coloured hairspray for crazy hair day or getting the car serviced, it is a blessed relief just to spin.

There are so many projects I have been wanting to spin for and finally it is all getting done.  You can see here a 100g of Finn x Lincoln from Fairfield Finns, carded into batts and spun into a 3 ply semi woollen for a hat, a tiny ball of 2ply worsted laceweight in ultrafine Merino from flicked locks for a special project and a 2ply worsted DK merino from hand dyed top for mittens.

And then a big spin I have started with a Gotland fleece I bought from Granite Haven a couple of years ago.

Spinning takes me to a calm place where time stills, worries fall away and all there is the treadle and the draft and the filling bobbin.