Lord of the Knitting

November 8, 2012

I have just been peeking at my Man’s recent copy of Empire which is full to bursting with pics from the forthcoming Hobbit film.  Excitement is building, especially since I have noticed the amount of knitwear sported by the dwarves.  Have a look at Bofur’s fingerless mitts in seed stitch.

Online forums are wondering who are the knitters in dwarven culture, the women or the blokes in their odd moments.  Whoever is doing the knitting – it is rather wonderful – chunky, textured and very dwarvish.

I hope we have a costume designer special on the DVD release.

Here are some great twisted stich rib fingerless mitts.

My favourite is Ori’s vest-cardy which you also see worn as a cowl.  Lots and lots of texture. There are slipped stitches, cables, smocking and basketweave patterns.

Have a look at these lovely cabled full gloves – very snuggly.  They match Oin’s beard plaits.


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  1. I’m very excited about seeing these costumes on the big screen. I had never thought of Dwarves and knitting, but it makes so much sense- practical, warm and light. It also has the texture of chain mail with those particular stitches. The Jackson team have made some good decisions again it seems.

  2. Yessss! I’m obsessed by the idea that we now need the patterns of all thoses gloves, mitts, scarves and vests! I’ll die of longing before the long bonus version comes out! o_O

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