Montbretia Again

March 24, 2017

There is no good reason why I have made another Montbretia shawl other than this one is the one I always meant to make but didn’t quite have enough yarn. Montbretia is designed by Carol Feller for The Book of Haps. It is a very wide, asymmetrically curved shawl that is surprisingly easily to wear in any number of ways.


Whilst waiting for the matching yarn, I knitted up the first one from stash only. You might remember this version from last year.


The new Montbretia is of course exactly the shape but colours create an altogether different landscape.

The lovely green colour is called Meadowsweet (maybe…I can’t find the tag), a drapey fingering weight yarn by Shilasdair with a slight halo I bought some when we were in the UK a few years ago but needed one more skein to finish the shawl. The merino, camel, cashmere and angora blend is dyed with natural dyes on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The soft apricot colour is Australian millspun Polwarth from, a local yarn I bought at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show a few years back. You can see it in an earlier Enchanted Mesa.


That pop of plum is a Jamieson and Smith fingering weight that was rolling around in the stash, just waiting for a job like this. The shawl is light but super warm with all those lofty yarns trapping all the air.

IMG_4063 (2)

Whilst stretching out the edges of the shawl for blocking, a weak spot in the Shilasdair ripped open an edge. The moment was a little tense but after a few breaths and a bit of drying, it repaired just perfectly. Knitting is very forgiving.


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  1. Beautiful colour combination, Rebecca. Quite the different landscape, as you mention. A springtime meadow and a moody ocean horizon?

  2. Oh Rebecca, this shawl is gorgeous….I loved the first one too. I have been so sad to read about your year of fatigue and illness. I have to sit down and write a real letter to you. I think of you often, especially every day when I read my FB posts from Environmental News. He is a fantastic writer, artist, photographer who posts wonderful, informative news on Australia and the world. Keep taking care of yourself and love seeing your projects and knitted works of art. Joanie

    1. Lovely to hear from you Joanie! So glad you like the shawl. They do lift the spirits in ways that hats and sweaters do not! Best wishes to you, Rebecca

  3. Choice of colours lovely.Hope your plans are going well Take care.
    Must try this pattern in some home spun Gotland.Thanks for sharing
    Hope to bring some Gotland lambs fleece to Melbourne in April.
    Doing some mail orders today,I think many spinners are keen on tail spinning at the moment they are going through the lambs fleeces looking for locks.Bye for now off to the shed

  4. How wonderful, all those colours are perfect together. It will feel like a Big HUG when you wear it. Something else but it fell out the back of my heid…

  5. Very pretty. Thank goodness knitting is forgiving! I discovered a ladder in a favorite shawl I’d knit from purple Fyberspates alpaca. After a bit of work and some deep breaths, I was able to repair it. Whew.

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