Spring Cardigan

November 2, 2016

img_3531Look! Something finished to share with you! The cardigan called is Ferris Wheel by Georgie Nicolson. I thought it was a simple, top-down, raglan cardigan pattern and maybe it still is but it really challenged me.


The pattern contains a huge number of sizes and options, some sections are sized by chest size and others by age and there’s an odd method of picking up the front stitches from the raglan.  Although the directions are very clear, there are a lot of decisions to be made and coloured numbers to follow, plus lace, plus changing my yarn every other row to avoid colour change breaks as I was working with a semi-solid yarn. With so many things to think about, this project addled my brain at times.

img_3686But I gently persisted and at some point it was finished and is now rolled in a ball at the bottom of Our Dear Girl’s wardrobe where all nice clothes go till they are wanted.


The yarn is very lovely I think, soft, bouncy and a crazy, verdant shade of green. I would never pick this from a shade card but knew instantly it would thrill my daughter. It is a 5 ply Coongee Merino from a small local label called Hawthorne Cottage Yarns and I think it might be about 15 years old. I bought this yarn from a yarn garage sale a couple of years ago, a destash of monumental proportions from the estate of a prolific knitter and spinner by her daughter. She let all the knitters in her community know, sorted all the yarn, bagged it up into lots and then donated all the money raised to charity. Buying yarn never felt so good.

Ravelry details are here.