Postcards at Sea #2: Spwing has Spwung

August 30, 2016


It is here! It is spring in the Southern Hemisphere. And just because Our Dear Girl and I have been reading Mabel Jones and the Forbidden City, I like to say it like Speke the otter, Spwing!


It feels it has been very long, dark winter in Melbourne (as far as long dark winters go in Australia!).  The sunshine and the blossom hold great promise.

May the turning of the seasons be good to you.


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  1. You have daffodils, we have chrysanthemums. Autumn is ever so slowly starting in Savannah GA. Not that the beginnings of our aurumn are any less hot or humid than our summers…

    And yet, somewhere, it will be cold, I’m knitting wool watchcaps, a modified “Bloom” baby tunic (no lace; seed stitch instead), and scarves for our mission team to take to Nepal. The earthquake victims are no longer in the news, but for them, it will shortly be *very* cold.

  2. it does feel like it was a particularly bleak one this year, doesn’t it? I arrived in the City early this morning for yoga and got such a surprise to see it was daylight so early – it feels like we’ve been in darkness forever.

    here’s to sun and warmth and spring flowers in abundance 🙂

  3. Ah, how refreshing to see your photos of “Spwing” flowers. We are going into Fall here on the northwest coast of California. Yes, Spring is a new beginning. May it be a good one for you too!!!

  4. Happy Spring, Rebecca. Spring always seems to bring about a renewal of spirits and I’m sure your spirits will be lifted mightily!!

  5. Beautiful pictures of blossom and daffodils. It always makes my heart sing to see them appear after the grim winter. We are entering Autumn here, leaves changing colour and falling, conkers ready for dropping and the nights are noticeably drawing in. Hoping you start getting kinder weather soon and manage to get out and about.

  6. Growing up in north Queensland, our experience of Spring was very low key indeed. I don’t remember flowers really – they were sort of a background thing. Hibiscus and frangipani all over but no daffodils, cherries etc. My favorite thing about living in Seattle is how it explodes into bloom in Spring every year. I hope your health continues to improve Rebecca.

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