Postcards at Sea #1: Pretty Squares

August 17, 2016

Part of the reason I have not been back to this space for such a long time is that I kept wanting to post like I used to, big juicy posts with lots of research and progress and completion.  Since, I am not actually doing those kinds of things at the moment, I thought I might try small postcards about how things actually are. I am calling these wee posts Postcards at Sea as I like my ocean metaphor for this fatigue condition a lot more than an acronym like CFS/ME. It holds a promise of land and a journey back to a home port. It also conveys the limbo and bewilderment of ‘being all at sea’, a little lost, a little dazed, a little out of my depth.

When a crafty friend heard I was having difficulty following knitting patterns at the moment, she sent me a little packet of kindness and insight.  Look, little squares of the prettiest Liberty fabrics you ever did see.


Not enough to be overwhelming, just enough to make something lovely, step by step.

IMG_3411I am going to hand sew these lovelies, although I confess I have done nothing yet, except move them about and admire them.


They are nestling comfortably in a zip purse with cotton and scissors. The purse was hand made by friend of mine and is perfect for a small project. A white Japanese crane is poised for flight right next to the zip and that can only bring a sense of optimism to all crafty endeavours contained inside.

How could anyone fail to be uplifted by such pretty squares?