Postcards at Sea #1: Pretty Squares

August 17, 2016

Part of the reason I have not been back to this space for such a long time is that I kept wanting to post like I used to, big juicy posts with lots of research and progress and completion.  Since, I am not actually doing those kinds of things at the moment, I thought I might try small postcards about how things actually are. I am calling these wee posts Postcards at Sea as I like my ocean metaphor for this fatigue condition a lot more than an acronym like CFS/ME. It holds a promise of land and a journey back to a home port. It also conveys the limbo and bewilderment of ‘being all at sea’, a little lost, a little dazed, a little out of my depth.

When a crafty friend heard I was having difficulty following knitting patterns at the moment, she sent me a little packet of kindness and insight.  Look, little squares of the prettiest Liberty fabrics you ever did see.


Not enough to be overwhelming, just enough to make something lovely, step by step.

IMG_3411I am going to hand sew these lovelies, although I confess I have done nothing yet, except move them about and admire them.


They are nestling comfortably in a zip purse with cotton and scissors. The purse was hand made by friend of mine and is perfect for a small project. A white Japanese crane is poised for flight right next to the zip and that can only bring a sense of optimism to all crafty endeavours contained inside.

How could anyone fail to be uplifted by such pretty squares?

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  1. What a lovely idea… both for posting and for crafty pleasure. How fine it is to move beautiful fabric around and let your imagination wander…

  2. Oh, Liberty fabrics for a liberating ‘project’! No wonder I liked them even before I knew. The Japanese Crane:
    In Japan, the crane is a mystical creature and is believed to live for a thousand years. As a result, in the Japanese, Chinese and Korean culture, the crane represents good fortune and longevity. The Japanese refer to the crane as the “bird of happiness”. and it has ties to healing. Perfect!!

  3. Oh what a lovely friend you have Rebecca! Those Liberty snippets are full of happiness… and who knows where they will lead you…. perhaps to a safe harbour for a little while.

    I am making hexagons with my Liberty bits and sewing them into a quilt for a small person… I was looking for a project that would slow my mind down from the maelstrom it usually lives in… and this seems to work for me. I could just as easily have used squares too… the best thing of all it all fits into one of my old vintage tins…a gentle thoughtful time using exquisite fabrics….

    Sending more love from the West which should reach you pretty quickly as we are in the midst of a storm front as I write

  4. I love your fabrics, just beautiful. It’s important not to pressure yourself or feel frustrated at seeming lack of progress. Taking the time to move the squares about, maybe even for days and days, will result in a more pleasing end product. Plus the insights gained through working at a different pace will be reflected in your future work when you are well again. What kind friends you have!

  5. What a delightful postcard – thank you, Rebecca. Just what a pc ought to be – great pic(s), and a bit of news! I bet the former life you wouldn’t have played with moving the fabrics around so slowly and pleasurably before starting a new project? Enjoy it all, and may more uplifting pleasures come your way!

  6. I love the little things in life: small achievements and passing observations make good everyday wonders. I will collect your postcards. Diana

  7. Beautiful fabrics and a sweet blog post. I’ve recently bought some Liberty Tana lawn and am looking forward to making things but just admiring my stash too at the moment! Good wishes for healing and strength. x

  8. Short postcard posts are also good to read in busy lives! Take your time moving around and arranging and admiring. I spent much of a difficult year in California moving beach pebbles around – luckily no possibility of doing anything else with them. Now they live with my niece, three beauties imbued with experience and meaning, having travelled to New Zealand with her as a talisman.

  9. Such a sweet postcard. I love little “stuff” and containers for carrying them around. The fabrics are lovely and so soft to pet.
    I’m happy you have such special friends close to you!!

  10. Oh, the little squares of fabric are so joyful…just what you need to focus on. They are happiness without doing anything with them. I have been sad to know of your lasting bout with the viral pneumonia and effects. Do continue to nurture yourself with kindness, not reflection on where you wish to be or should be. You are healing as fast as you are able to. We forget our lives are not always coursing along on the timetable we create, but lapses every now and then into what seems to be treadmills going nowhere. It will be fun to see your creative outcome with the squares. I see English paper piecing!!!! Joanie

  11. Rebecca, I hope making things continues to inspire you, rather than wearing you down. Those little squares are beautiful. I can see them combined with some solids, some stripes, and some tiny polka dots, into little draw-string bags. The Japanese girls and women I knew when I lived there each had several of these, for tissues, tampons, makeup, spare undies etc. in their purses. Totally charming. I hope you get better soon.

  12. Your postcard is much appreciated as are the comments which make reading this post a lovely virtual tea party. Little sandwiches all around, Ladies!

    Is seeing as important (and interesting) as doing? The proof is in the practice, Rebecca. I am with you when it comes to staring at squares of beautifully printed fabric. On some days thread left on a spool is as perfect as an egg in its shell.

  13. Hi Rebecca, am sorry to hear you are sick, it sounds extremely frustrating amongst other things. I am sending you all my love and good karma. Ella

  14. I love small and simple things Rebecca. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous Liberty squares and Japanese Crane. I hope your health is improving all of the time. Postscards at Sea is a lovely metaphor. I look forward to more.

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