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July 1, 2016

I have not done much knitting lately. This shocks me a bit but I just haven’t been up to it. Not the knitting part but the holding of multiple instructions in my head, things like following a chart and shaping at the same time or centering a pattern by dividing pattern repeats, even working out sizing has just been too challenging.

After multiple attempts at a sock, I just gave up and went back to basics. I cast on for a hat that I could just knit round and round till some simple shaping. I needed a hat, my old faithful had disappeared, I shrank one, another had been appropriated by Our Dear Boy and it is unexpectedly cold here.

IMG_3280This was knit from the free pattern by Hanna Leväniemi called Siksak. It is knit in DK with a deep folded brim to keep the ears warm.

Whilst I had to buy two balls of Zealana Rimu in natural (a possum and merino blend from New Zealand) all the other yarns came from stash. The hot pink is my own handspun, a laceweight from handpainted merino top that was left over from a shawl project and cabled into a light DK. The blue is from left overs from Oakenshield Armoured, an ultrafine merino by Cleckheaton. The white is a gorgeous plump undyed Corriedale from Jarob Farm in Victoria and the green is from Nundle, a small mill in NSW. Ravelry details are here.

IMG_3275Our Dear Girl asked for a hat after I finished the Siksak. She has called it Colourful Day and it has been improvised with motifs from Mary Jane Mucklestone’s 150 Scandinavian Knitting Motifs. The main yarn is undyed gray Gotland from Granite Haven and the contrasts are the white Corriedale, blue Ultrafine Merino and hot pink handspun described above.

Both of us are living in our new beanies. They are not too matchy-matchy but rather comfortably related. And we both have a hot pink pom-pom which lifts the spirits immediately.

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  1. Simple knitting is one of the comforts of life. I think it’s a bit funny that colour knitting strikes you as simple! But I take this as a sign you are on the road to recovery, and that is an extremely fine thing!

  2. Glad you are feeling up to some knitting, even if it is the simplest of projects…which look fairly amazing if you ask me! Love the pink pom-poms…I think they’d cheer me up too ??

  3. I can’t tell you how much it lifted my spirits to see these beautiful beanies. They are gorgeous and the pink pom poms irresistable. But, most of all, I love that you are knitting again. Makes me happy to think of you making again and on mend xxx

  4. Both hats are lovely!! Please don’t push yourself to do more than you’re able!! It takes such a long time to fully recover from major illness.

  5. “Not too matchy matchy but rather comfortably related” is a great description of mother-daughter relationships at their best. I wish that blessing for you and ODG. A gentle convalescence is another blessing that we all too often miss out in modern life–keep up the good work of healing yourself and full strength will return. Cosy days!

  6. Oh, yes, hot pink pom-poms – caught my attention right away – a cheerful topper – makes one smile!! Hope you feel better soon – you are so aware and I would say that is a good sign!!! Best to you.

  7. Lately I felt stagnant as a knitter, but there’s is something about a fat, pink pompom that stirs the blood. The list of yarn types is the icing on the cake!

    One deep breath at a time and something usually makes its way off the needles. Yours and mine, both.

  8. Love those hats, Rebecca – especially the flash of bright fuchsia pink! Sometimes, every part of one’s mind and body mutinies – and then, quite suddenly, one finds oneself exploding with energy and bright new ideas again. Just have to go with it – and in the meantime, what great knits, and how special that your daughter loves her Colourful Day so much. Still can’t get my head around all the reports that you are having such very cold weather.

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