Darn Sock

June 7, 2016

It is still slow and steady here at Needle and Spindle, so sock darning is about the right pace.

After encountering this wonderful darning technique on Local and Bespoke, I found that a pair of my favourite socks were needing urgent repair.

IMG_3242I found the same yarn in my mending yarn jar because although visible mending is cool, I like how smug I feel that I saved the exact yarn and found it again when I needed it!

IMG_3239You pick up knitted loops from a sound area under the worn area and then knit a patch back and forth on sock needles, knitting an original sock stitch together with a patch stitch at each end to anchor it to the sock. The last row is grafted to the sock stitches.

Not a large act in the world, but nevertheless the life of a useful thing that took time and resources to bring into the world is kept useful.