Spindling Free

February 12, 2016

IMG_5270Well, I got so merry and excited about spindling after reading all the comments in the last post, I wrote a little spindling song for us. It goes to the tune of the Wombles, Underground Overground song without the crazy Uncle Bulgaria bit. I call it Spindling Free.


In the park and after dark, spindling free

Spindling is useful and fun you will see

Making good use of the fleece that we spin

Spinning for socks you can put your feet in

Spindlers are mobile, they spin anywhere

Standing or walking or using a chair

In the park and after dark, spindling free

Spindlers are increasingly common to see

People they notice us, but pretend not to see

Under their noses, a spindler may be

We spindle by night and we spindle by day

Watching the kids while we’re spinning away

Consider this an invitation to add a verse in comments and share it with other spindlers you know, they might like to add a verse too. Perhaps you don’t like spindling? Add a verse about that!

Sing and spindle free my friends, spindle free!

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  1. A twist of our fingers
    around we must go
    Those fibres are dancing
    To tunes we all know
    Do we spin widdershins
    Or deosil my friends
    Let’s join in this maypole
    Sing songs loud and strong
    Be one with our spinning whirl
    And place joy in each twirl.

    1. Ah Lydia, Thank you for adding so masterfully to Spindling Free! Just loving the widdershins bit, we just don’t use those ancient directions enough.

    1. Dear Judy, You are so right, it is very satisfying making yarn, sort of marvellous in that wonderment sort of way. I wonder if that is because so much of our life is dominated by things we cannot make or even barely understand the workings of like cars, computers, washing machines even houses and roads…most of these things are made by people but as users we rarely have insight or involvement in there manufacture. There is a kind of wondering delight that occurs when we make yarn, perhaps because we simply made it ourselves!

    1. Dearest Susan, glad to give you a laugh. At least you are laughing and not running for the hills, given how you feel about spindles!

  2. Oh, how creative you are with poetry!! So true that you can take the spindle everywhere. Do you get a lot of gawkers and questions when you spindle in public?

    And the Wombles? I have never seen them before – they are adorable! I will be sharing them with relatives and friends who have little ones.

    Thank you for helping to get the sleep out of my eyes this early morning in a bright and cheerful way!

    1. I am glad Spindling Free could greet you in the morning Marilyn. I think perhaps you are being over kind with the poetry allusion, I think my efforts might more accurately be termed doggerel verse! Usually no one says anything…at all, which I think may be politeness. Once a very elderly man came up to me and told me that when he was courting his wife in a village in Greece, she had had great skills with a spindle and loom. He was very proud of her in his recollections and it was rather teary for both of us. That was a pretty wonderful encounter.

    1. Thanks Suzette, Yes, the Wombles probably are a little long in tooth now but it funny how long those kind of tunes stick around in your brain and then morph into a Spindling Song on a freeway somewhere.

    1. Dear Isabel, I think you have given us our rallying cry ‘Viva la spindle!’ for when we take to the streets with our spindles in hand!

  3. Hi Rebecca,

    Just had to say, I loved your little ditty. Perfect choice of tune for it. Your creativity just has to burst out and that is so delightful.

    I remember seeing the Wombles when I lived in England many moons ago.

    1. Thanks Sally, I grew up with the Wombles on ABC TV and in books but I am glad I never saw them live. I always thought they were supposed to be small and I think seeing giant Wombles dancing about might have been like working out the Tooth Fairy is your parents!

  4. Oh, this is lovely!! I dream that someday I’ll buy your book filled with your beautiful projects and stories. Now I will expect some poetry as well! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Frith, I don’t doubt you had a wonderful time at your fibre retreat. Glad we could sing you home with Spindling Free

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