Malabrigo Jagger

February 20, 2016

I received this beautiful yarn for my birthday.

20160104_190324It is a laceweight single dyed a most beautiful indigo blue called Tuareg. It is 100% baby Merino from Malabrigo from sheep raised in northern Uruguay. They are a family owned company based in the same region as the co-operative Manos del Uruguay. Their dyeing and processing utilises envioromental technologies to reduce water, chemical use and dye waste. Exchanging Fire wrote a very interesting post several years ago comparing the two Uruguayian yarn companies.

IMG_2356I searched around for quite some time for an appropriate pattern for this yarn. I was considering a small Boo Knits lace shawl but these really are very very lacey and I am not sure that is really my style. Then Knit British shared the Jagger pattern by Katya Frankel on her Instagram feed and I knew at once this was the shawl for this yarn.

IMG_2377I cast on several times around New Year. This laceweight single is very delicate and I broke my cast on after several rows just stretching it out to look at! Then I got confused by the pattern when I used stitch markers to show the repeat. It is one of those patterns which shifts slightly every row so the stitch markers just led me astray. For such a simple pattern, it took a surprising number of false starts till I began to knit with ease.

IMG_2364The shawl is worked from the lace border to the neck and employs a really nifty edge decreasing technique and stretchy bind-off.  Ravelry details are here.

IMG_2390The shawl was quick and straightforward. It lost quite a bit of dye in its first wash but the rinse was clear. The blocking was easy and made a much larger shawlette than I had thought it would make as I was knitting.

IMG_2360Yarn gifts are most wonderfully pleasurable…in the receiving, the anticipation of planning, the knitting and the wearing. The knitter who gave me the yarn is now making her own Jagger, so the original gift has now become intertwined with that lovely mutual intimacy that friends can share in their making.


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    1. Thanks Louise, This yarn and project have been just delightful, slightly out of my comfort zone and a whole new world of possibility has opened up. It was a perfect knitterly gift.

  1. Lovely knit, Rebecca! Funnily enough I had some Malabrigo Laceweight – the Azul Profundo, a deeper and plain sea blue colour without the variegations your yarn has. I too found it broke very easily, so I ended up knitting a 3S Shawl with this yarn and a Manos del Uruguay laceweight yarn almost identical to yours. These 2 yarns knitted together gave a wonderful strength and colour and feel – a really pleasurable knit. Yes – a great present, because pleasure in the receiving and the working and the wearing. I actually gave the shawl I made to my stepdaughter and she really loves it – so that was a very happy bonus!

    1. Oh how funny, a gift yarn that then becomes a knitted gift! I have done that too! It is almost like the gift belongs to the anticipation and the making but then the finished article is separate somehow, so in giving, it is not regifting but a gifted with added preciousness. Oh, knitters are curious beasts. I also love how true to the country of origin you stayed marrying Malabrigo with Manos!

  2. I love that and I completely agree that yarn gifts give so much. I love the planning and deciding so much that there are lots of skeins I haven’t even touched yet. They are such special gifts.

    Single ply yarns are one of my favourites.Thank you for posting on it! Great colour and pattern.

    1. I agree Joanna, a gift yarn can sit very happily on the desk for quite some time gathering plans and being appreciated. Gift yarns often don’t make it into the stash at my house. Apart from noro, I am new to single ply yarns, particularly as a spinner, but this one has got me thinking about laceweights. I don’t know if i could be so minimal in my twist though…I might make piano wire instead!

    1. Thanks Stephanie, and once it was actually started it was very quick. A good one for summer knitting I think. Perhaps an accessory for Italy?

  3. Just lovely and a beautiful colour too. Very fitting too that your good friend is now making their own Jagger shawl. Enjoy the wearing.

    1. Thank you Deborah, it really is a merry blast of cornflower power this colour. It lifts my spirits. My friend and I are supporting each other through more cast on blues for this shawl…I really don’t know why it is so hard to get started.

  4. Beautiful yarn, beautiful shawl. Perfect combination!

    I teach at two local yarn shops; one stocks Malabrigo and the other stocks Manos. It’s nice to have access to both. Thanks for the link to Exchanging Fire’s post; that was very interesting.

    1. Thank Michele, firstly how lucky are you to have two LYSs! You are in Portland I think, a very supportive place for knitters. Secondly, how lovely to have a different yarn selection in both stores particularly from Uruguay! Glad you enjoyed Exchanging Fire’s post, I love this kind of info about yarn companies. Often it won’t appear on their website and is drawn from articles or new stories about the yarn company a canny knitter has filed away and then shared.

  5. Perfect pattern choice for that shawl! Do you wear shawls often?
    Interesting article from Exchanging Fire. thanks for that.

    1. Thanks Susan, the yarn and pattern do work well together I think. I don’t wear shawls as shawls but as scarves. This one is quite a small shawlette that you would definitely wear as a scarf.

  6. That colour is sublime- it did my mind good just to drink it in! And the finished shawl is sumptuous. Clever creation from this thoughtful gift to you Rebecca.

    1. Thanks Sally, the colour is really superb isn’t it. The kind of blue a bowerbird would wrestle out of your hands. Such a happy colour.

  7. I love, love, love Malabrigo! I have a little (!) in my stash. I do believe I have some lace weight too! I will keep this shawlette in mind for it! Lovely project, Rebecca!

    1. Thanks Wendy, It is intriguing yarn I agree. For such simple yarn construction, it is surprisingly beguiling, elegant yet very natural in appearance.

    1. Thanks Alina, the colour really is quite spectacular isn’t it. I haven’t seen the other colours in the range yet, I wonder if they are all so radiant.

  8. This shawl and yarn are really beautiful Rebecca ,and the blue is really striking. That is the best gift!!! (and thanks for the link to the article).

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