A Vintage Emporium and Yarn – A Visit to Edinburgh

October 22, 2012

Last week our family took the train into Edinburgh for the day.  While they were cosily occupied in The Beehive with hot chocolates, I scuttled around Grassmarket exploring.  I peeked into Mr Wood’s Fossils where for a few pounds you can purchase something a few million years old! Do that bend your mind as it does mine?

Armstrong’s Vintage Emporium was great for a rummage.  You really need a considerable amount of time to find something special in here.  Alas, I did not have much of that.  However, it was a pleasure simply to look.

Everything was laid out by garment type and colour by the eye of a true collector I reckon – it was like a natural history museum of clothes.

I did see a lovely Lopi style cardigan.

Look at this Shetland cardigan.  The colours are all natural undyed fleece colours.

And finally, I visited K1 Yarn Boutique, a great yarn shop with a select but excellent range of yarns.  The yarns here were either Scottish yarns from the Shetlands and Orkneys or Fair Trade yarns from Peru.

I almost bought a range of Jamieson of Shetland for a yoked cardigan I am planning but they didn’t have quite the gradation of colours I was looking for.  But I did buy two balls of K1’s Scappa Aran in a mossy green to make some gloves for my man who didn’t bring any with him.

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