October 21, 2012

It is strange the little things which become mementos of special times.  When we are somewhere new, somewhere strange, the everyday becomes curious.

I collected these driftwood sticks yesterday on the beach – they would make great toggles for bulky yarn cardigan or shawl pins.  I wonder if Australian customs would agree with me.? All I can do is bag them and declare them.

I am even saving all the yarn ball bands I buy.  They are destined for transformation into bookmarks, which I never seem to have enough of and always end up using things like a handy coaster or shopping receipt.  Not particularly classy eh!

All our train tickets  are being saved. I am not sure why yet but they look so lovely.  Their orange stripes are like tiny Penguin books.  Any thoughts dear reader, on what I do with them? What have you found yourself saving from your adventures?