S(h)ock Confession

May 21, 2015

Several years ago, I decided I wasn’t going to buy any new socks. I was going to knit them.

Apparently, I did not dedicate myself to that task at quite the rate required. I now find that I am the proud owner of 3 pairs of handknit socks in extremely high rotation, all now requiring darning, 2 pairs of bought sports socks and 2 pairs of bought stripey bamboo socks with no heels left but the rest still good so I can’t throw them out.  This is not quite enough really. I know we can have too much of many things but less socks is just less.

So I invested in an excellent book by Lara Neel called Sock Architecture and wondered why more socks did not appear. I started darning the old ones.

Then, I cast on for my second pair of Rivercat socks. They are not in the excellent book but I did actually cast them on and then had to finish them as I needed the needles to finish the neck on a cardigan I was also knitting.

IMG_0494So they are done and in extremely high rotation already. I do love this lace texture pattern. It almost knits itself which is clearly how I thought the sock situation was going to be addressed.

IMG_0495Yes, I do need to cast on probably immediately for more socks. Winter is here. Perhaps I have some kind of sock block? Do you have a favourite sock pattern recommendation for me that you swear will knit itself?