The Quiet Return of Small Joys

April 10, 2015

In a previous post, I told you of my curiously joyless knitting experience of the Skrupsak vest for Our Dear Boy. As you know, I cast on immediately for the sister garment.

IMG_0135It is finished. And Our Dear Girl has approved its inclusion in her wardrobe.

IMG_0174This design is by Signe Stromgaard. I made it the same way as the brother vest, using Our Dear Girl’s chest measurement plus ease as the key number. The natural colour yarn is the left overs from the ball used for the first vest, Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 5 ply. The teal is the left over Heirloom Heatherwood 5ply from my Praline cardigan project, from an op shop treasure hoard. Both grown and milled in Australia. Details are here.

The joyful knitting has not returned…exactly. It is more that incrementally, the knitting is becoming more pleasurable again, less of a chore. Who can explain such slumps?

IMG_0189There is solace.

IMG_0170There is optimism.

IMG_0186There are plans.

And there are children trying to climb the knobbly bits on a brick wall in gumboots.



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  1. I love these! Wonderful colours for both, and such a great pattern shape for this age group.

    Heatherwood is a great wool, is it still in production, I wonder? Must check that out…

  2. Nice knitting! These vests fit and yet there is room for growth, a very important thing with children. Now for some bright red from a dye pot………who will get a RED garment first?

  3. Despite the joyless knitting they do look brilliant and loved. My joyless knitting has been rejected after all that work so I will shrink it down on the overlocker for the younger one. Glad the mojo for knitting is picking up for both of us now.

  4. The vests are really pretty colors and look great on the children.
    I think we all suffer from knit freeze some times. Only knitting smaller items (scarves, haps) are about all I can muster now. I’m so tired of winter and frogging and just need a little mindless knitting

  5. The knitted vests are cheerful and beautifully executed. They look so fine on your children. I have been following your adventures into the dying process with native plants. Your brain and creativity is so deeply involved in this project it probably doesn’t want to share any excitement or veering away via knitting. Your creative spirit is so involved already that it makes me smile to think if your knitting were to grasp a hold of you like normal….the discoveries and unknown results of dying and spinning would probably have to take a back seat and no way in heck is this going to happen, right? Love reading your blog and seeing your great photography. Joanie

  6. Lovely photos, vests, and wellies, or maybe they are called gummies. That Praline cardigan is charming too. Rebecca, you are a wonderful knitter.

  7. I periodically go through patches in which I don’t feel like knitting. The desire always comes back though. ๐Ÿ™‚ I especially love the soft and pretty colours of the vest and it goes without saying that I share their curiosity about whether the nubby bits of the wall could be climbed. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lovely photos.

  8. I am sure your joy of knitting has a lot to do with your new Waysides project! It’s so nice to change things sometimes and challenge yourself!

  9. Lovely, lovely kids in thoughtfully executed clothing. I add my voice to the chorus of commenters.

    As to the knitting blahs, you didn’t ask, but here I am anyway. I know that problem and not-so-secretly I love watching you sit with it. Take your time as your time, Rebecca. Every fisherman has a season of net mending. You’ll be back landing a big exciting catch soon enough!

  10. The vest are absolutely beautiful! And as far as knitting slumps go,I can commiserate as I’ve been going through one myself. Slumps are not much fun but they do give you (in my experience) a bit of perspective. Glad to hear that your knitting joy is returning and happy to say that, slowly but surely, mine is as well. Cheers and here’s to increased knitting joy ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Lovely pics of blue-booted young folk in their stylish knits! Good to hear that there are plans, and that the knitting joy is sort of creeping back… day, it will just be there again!

  12. So glad your are finding both solace and optimism again – if only in brief moments. I’m lucky not to have endured these slumps for some time but having been there more than once I am amazed at your tenacity and capacity to still produce these wonderful knits! A lovely pair they make – gumboots (especially the gumboots!) and all!

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