Small Things, Birthday Things

November 3, 2014

I have made lots of things for my children’s birthdays, costumes, needle cases, bike seat covers, bags and so on. This year all I got to make for both kids was a flower wreath for Our Dear Girl.

IMG_4506Beyond all things, she wanted a fairy dress, but not one that I made…a bought one! And all Our Dear Boy wanted was Lego. Well, we’ve all been there haven’t we, when only the bought thing would do.

Luckily, Our Dear Girl has some crafty friends who with some help from their mum, got the handmade quota up.

IMG_4521A treasure box with shells collected by little hands on holiday…good glue makes magic happen.

IMG_4523Ingenious hair clips…these little makers have a bright future ahead I reckon!

They are so lovely aren’t they?  These wee things made me realise how few small things I have been making recently.  Small things use clever, frugal ways of making useful, beautiful gifts. They are quick and simple and beloved of small people.

Long live small things!