Butterfly Me to the Moon

October 24, 2014

Party time for Our Dear Girl.  We are alternating party years with our children now so it was her turn this year. Bet you can’t guess the theme she chose.

IMG_4378Party favours we made together. Stuff from the scrap box and sparkly bits bought specially.

IMG_4379Party bags by her own dear hands.

IMG_4460Gingerbread from fancy cutters.

IMG_4442Fairybread from the same fancy cutter.

IMG_4438Birthday cake cut with magical efficiency from two round cakes…thank you Australian Women’s Weekly, provided with great timeliness by a dear friend. Decorated by the kids, me supervising in slightly autocratic way.

Yes, it’s a puzzler alright!

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  1. I love your parties. All the little details are so classy and kid-centric. No plastic rubbish in sight either!! I adore the cake and think the kids did a fabulous job xxx

    1. Imagine a yin yang shape cut into the cake. This makes identical wing shapes. Two different sized cakes for different sized shapes. Ingenious method isn’t it.

  2. This looks like a party to remember, all those handmade goodies – so wonderful., Rebecca. Also, I really love this idea of alternating parties, seems much more manageable and fair than just scrapping them all (as I am sorely tempted to do). Wishing you a great weekend ahead! xo

  3. For a young girl to choose a butterfly is a hopeful thing indeed. Forward looking and elegant is that creature. A symbol of change after much hard work.

    What a lovingly crafted event. Lucky that girl!

  4. Happy Happy Flutter-by birthday!!! What fun and great cookies and cake……I want some 🙂 And all the jewels………whoo hoo

    1. One of our activities was going to be decorating your own wings which we were going to cut from refrigerator box card. But we ran out of time to cut out the shapes.

  5. Very butterfly and oh so pretty!! Good old Women’s Weekly huh? So many birthday cakes – and Christmas cakes – from their wise tomes have graced our tables over the years. Happy Birthday!

  6. You can’t beat a self decorated butterfly cake when it’s your birthday, except possibly with a caterpillar cake, they were very popular here when the children were small.

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