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A Town Called Keith

October 15, 2014

A good spot to stop on the way to Adelaide is a town called Keith. Cool name for a town eh.

Keith is where we stop after we have crossed the border into South Australia from Victoria.  We always buy a Golden North Giant Twins icecream because you can’t buy them in Victoria and My Man likes to relive the days of yore in Adelaidia by celebrating this way.

Keith is a bit special. It is very small and always seems very quiet. But it has a cracker of a wee metal railcar on tracks for children in the local park and two pretty good op shops.

IMG_4370Last time we found a wooden garage for two dollars and this time we found freshly knitted dolly clothes for fifty cents a piece.

Some good person has knitted these out of scraps and to fit a range of dolly sizes. I was a bit outraged about their cheapness and the underselling of skills but before I got too huffypuffy, I realised the clothes weren’t priced for me…they were priced for children.  Fifty cents is kid money.  Oh, you dear, dear person, making something handmade for the children’s economy, something special for a beloved dolly.

IMG_4377I also stumbled across a collection of magazine pages, carefully torn out and folded together…more dolly clothes to crochet and knit.  Well of course, I had to buy those. Maybe they are from the collection of the dear dolly clothes knitter.

And a great book from 1973 Things to Make for Children with detailed plans for the best modern doll houses I have seen.

Oh Keith, you big softie.

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  1. We love stopping in Keith too! Mind you, it’s been a few years since the last visit. I’m going to hunt down one of those ice creams next time though!

    Great perspective on the dolls clothes pricing. So true, and apt.

  2. I really like thinking about the person who would knit, and price, doll clothes with kids in mind. I bet she’s a pretty good cook, too, since she knows a lot about making people happy!

  3. The Golden North Giant Twins Ice cream sounds quite amazing! I’m trying to picture what it would be like. And Keith sounds lovely. A place where dolls are looked after in style.

  4. I agree with Rachael! I knew a dog named Keith once….odd. I wonder if this will encourage the Dear one to make doll clothes, maybe start with small sewing with really fabulous material…always use the best to encourage the most. You know how awful it is to knit with something you abhor…and we have all done it!!

  5. I got such a kick out of reading this ( and so did my dear friend). She grew up in Keith and her farming family still lives there. She always shared such lovely stories of celebrations there. When I shared it with her – she said most likely ‘ The Purple Paddock’ shop.

  6. Isn’ it lovely when a place you love loves you back? They can do that in the oddest ways, but then they’re working with what’s at hand in the moment.

  7. Just catching up here. Lovely post. And yes, dear doll clothes knitter.

    Just shown dolls house building hubs the book … apparently I “must” track a copy down for him … off I go to Amazon.

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