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Made in Adelaide

September 28, 2014

IMG_20140927_195907Home of big clear skies

IMG_4159Handsome buildings, so different from the heavy squatness of Melbourne bluestone.  Adelaide is also home to Haigh’s chocolates since 1915, the favoured chocolates of fictional Melbourne detective Phyrne Fisher and the elegant Regent Arcade. Just off Rundle Mall, Regent Arcade where you will find Have You Met Charlie? a shop selling Adelaidian handmade jewellery,  homewares and skincare products such as Shanghai Lil and the Scarlet Fez. IMG_4176

This is St Kilda adventure playground near Salisbury with its giant slides, fort and pirate ship actually built into the shoreline.

On our way to Bellair, I visited The Drapery. It is the only fabric shop I have ever visited that specifically caters to the new home sewist.  The owners stock heaps of indie sewing patterns, a huge collection of linen and have curated an extraordinary collection of wondrous printed fabrics.  They make lots of the patterns they stock and document the outcome on their blog.  You can see real women, wearing real clothes they have made and advice on making the pattern yourself. You can buy online without worry as the lovely owners will talk you through fabric drape and finish and send you pics or even samples. You can follow on Instagram (@thedrapery) to see the new fabric arrivals. I bought some patterns. The one for leggings is reviewed here. IMG_4343

Past The Drapery is the tunnel warren at Bellair National Park.  There are heaps of walks here, the old Government House and lots and lots of beautiful stonework. IMG_4266

The nine hour drive to Adelaide was perfect for some good solid knitting. IMG_4350

I also got to catch up with Aisha from Needleworks Collective who has just moved to Adelaide.  Look what she made me…pocket hankies from an old quilt. IMG_4256

Aisha is running a GiveWrap workshop in November in Adelaide if you are a local.  The details will appear on the Needleworks website very soon.

And don’t forget to hop over to block-a-day on Monday to read Lily’s blog hop.

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  1. Ooh…thanks for sharing your journey. Melbourne was my favourite city (honestly) when I lived in Australia (I always thought I could live there), although I also had a good impression of Adelaide during a very brief visit. I only passed through on my way to run a race, if you can believe it, in the Barossa Valley. It was some strange thing where we had to run through the wineries and then up a big hill at the end. I did not win! 🙂 Unfortunately after the race they gave us a bit of wine and after a very small amount I was completely drunk because of the dehydration. Being an anomaly as a visiting Canadian they then asked me to speak at the luncheon and I can only imagine that I made a huge fool of myself! Wine and running: do not combine.

    That was very off topic. I like the look of what you are knitting, and especially the colour. I hope you’ll share the details. And oh that lovely handkerchief. How lucky you are to have friendships involving craft. The Drapery also sounds to be quite unique in the marketplace. I buy knitting books from a place in Wales that has historically taken similar care with providing information about a pattern or the yarn necessary. It makes all the difference.

  2. Such a nice trip to see wondrous things!! You’re lucky to be able to relax and knit while someone else drives!!

    The green yarn is quite lovely.

  3. It looks as though you had a wonerful trip and found some wonderful places, including a pirate ship!! Adeliaide is a graceful city. I haven’t been for years but I like the way it had the big city vibe but in a very relaxed way. I think it’s great that knitters can knit in the car. I get motion sickness if I sew. My MIL would knit Red Cross bears and when they would drive interstate to visit she would have a little family of freshly knitted bears. I’ll be looking forward to some posts featuring some nature craft by dear boy and dear girl.

  4. Oooh, your knitting looks lovely!

    I can’t endorse the Espresso leggings pattern highly enough – I’ve made three pairs and I love them. As a short, round person I don’t fit very comfortably into ready-to-wear leggings, so this pattern is a godsend.

  5. We’re sorry we missed you while you were here! How’s that for bad timing! Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing your view of Adelaide!

  6. Ahh, road trips to Adelaide – so much knitting time! (unless you are the driver, of course).
    Looks like a fun trip. the Drapery sounds like a little gem; I’ll be sure to check it out next time I’m over there

  7. What a wonderful view into Adelaide! I love how fabric and yarn shops are just as much a tourist destination spot for us makers as a famous architectural landmark 🙂 Your knitting looks intriguing to me with all the markers and the yarn, too, a lovely green + alpaca (?) Thanks so much for sharing! xo

  8. Finally I got to thoroughly read your post…and you know I do! 🙂
    That fabric store would definitely be a destination spot for me.
    Nice patterns and blog and made another list of Phryne books for the library to get for me … actually I need to knit FASTER!!
    The Belair National Park looks like a lot of fun…glad you got there.

  9. Hi Rebecca, thank you for mentioning our little shop 🙂 It was lovely to meet you and also great to discover your blog. I’m envious of your powers of knitting!
    – Jane (The Drapery) x

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