Blog Hoppity Hop Hop

September 22, 2014

I was fortunate enough to be tagged for a blog hop by Andi from My Sister’s Knitter, the home of knitterly delights and a good cuppa. I have seen this blog hop popping up in lots of places recently.  It has been so interesting to hear so many different responses to the same set of questions. Here are my hoppity bits.

What am I working on?

Craftwise, I am knitting a lace shawl, another shawl and a cardigan, spinning for a sweater, embroidering a dress, almost cutting out some trousers and sewing juggling balls for our primary school fete.

IMG_3921How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Oh, I don’t think it is different, in fact, I think it is generated out of values and preoccupations that many folks share.

I believe that all activities including craft work are infused with politics and history.  I try to engage with both in my writing and in my making.  By politics, I don’t mean necessarily barrow pushing, although that is important too. I mean a more everyday kind of politics of how things are made, where they come from, what are they made from and what will happen to them over time. GiveWraps are a recent example of that enmeshing of history and politics.

IMG_3950I like making things from stuff I already have. I used to be a bit puritan about that but now I reckon that buying new materials can be a significant act as it has the potential to support positive enterprises and sustainable products.

IMG_3764I am also really curious about how things are made and put together, from bread to vegetables to clothing to houses.  It is a real thrill to make something from scratch, without a pattern…a unique thing that arose out a particular combination of need, materials and skill.

IMG_3920Why do I write and create the way I do?

I am compelled to make things. For good or ill, it is how I engage with the world and how I feel comfortable and capable. In my current world of circular, repetitive tasks like making lunches, washing clothes, dropping off, picking up, making dinner and finding lost things… writing blog posts and making stuff are the only things that stay done and exist in a tangible way.. The process of thought that underpins both is simultaneously stimulating and soothing.  The process of making words or objects has a simple pleasure where I am unaware of time or self.

IMG_2588How does my creative process work?

Gosh, I have never considered having a creative process.  I think it might be a staccato thing, a creature of fits and starts and grabbed moments.  My job right now is raising our children and until our youngest goes to school and the time comes to turn once again to professional things, my time for making and writing is necessarily gleaned time where creation occurs in tiny bits of time over long periods.IMG_2667

And now you probably need a good cuppa.

I have tagged fellow Melbournian, Lily from Block-a-day for the blog hop.  You will enjoy your time with Lily, even her banner pic is place to stay for while. Please visit her next Monday to find out how her crafty brain-cogs work.