Trews and Frock

August 1, 2014

Older readers might remember my Trouser Quest last year, to find the perfect trouser pattern.  For me that pattern is New Look 6713, recommended by and borrowed from my neighbour.  After fitting and altering the basic pattern, I have made this pattern three times now and the latest version is my favourite.

IMG_3661Three quarter length and made of a denim that will outlast me, it feels super comfortable.

IMG_3662It even has red top-stitched pockets.

IMG_2782And a red poker dot waistband lining that you might recognise as left overs from the Spooky Doll Project.

IMG_2777Three years after finding a wonderful late sixties/early seventies cotton frock in a small town in New Zealand, I actually made the quick alterations needed to make it wearable.

It had been home sewn. The seams were not finished and hems and facings had been hand stitched.

The dress was enormous on me but the construction was so simple that all I needed to do was to move the side seams inwards by three inches on each side.  I added a zip in one of the side seams and took up the hem a couple of inches.

Then I froze for a couple of minutes to take this pic.  Our Dear Boy made the Lion Mask which has quite the look of a Sun about it.

IMG_3733As I listen to the thunder and hail on our tin roof tonight, this pic reminds me that summer is coming and probably all too soon.