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June 11, 2014

IMG_2834I made a fabulous discovery a little while ago whilst looking for information on my spinning wheel, a little upright Wendy from New Zealand made in the early seventies by Philip Poore.  It has a rather limited range of ratios 7:1, 8:1 and 9:1 which has frustrated me in the past trying to spin laceweight.  The ratios mean that the flyer spins and adds twist into the fibre at rate of 7, 8 or 9 twists per treadle. Think of them as gears perhaps.

My discovery was VJ Handycrafts  and Spinning Wheels in New Zealand. Amongst many other things, Joachim makes new whorls and bobbins for old Philip Poore wheels! They were out of stock when I first looked but I left an inquiry and I received notification as soon as more stock had been made. Joachim makes them in so many different sizes, it took me a while to settle on which ones.

IMG_2800Finally, I settled on a slow whorl with ratios 5.9, 5.5 and 5.2 for bulkier yarns.

IMG_2797And a fast whorl for adding lots of twist quickly for fine laceweight yarns in ratios 18 and 15.8.

IMG_2793And two extra bobbins. I have had only three bobbins till now and if I am spinning a three ply yarn, I have to hand wind my singles onto to toilet paper rolls (classy eh!) in order to have enough bobbins to fill with plied yarn. No more toilet paper roll winding for me.

IMG_2796These additional whorls should help me get a lot more out of my wheel from bulky yarns to laceweights, intentionally and consistently.

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  1. Congratulations on your new spinning whorls and bobbins. We spinners are known for loving/acquiring more toys/equipment for our wheels. I’m currently awaiting the arrival of a hackle/comb combo to speed up my processing of fleece.

  2. It is so exciting picking up new spinning equipment isn’t it? 😀 I was in a similar bobbin situation for a while as well and picked up four more bobbins. Enjoy your new whorls and I look forward to seeing your new yarns!

  3. It is amazing to me how these wheels are made to LAST. Just because it’s old technology doesn’t mean that the craftsmanship isn’t far superior to what we get sometimes nowadays 🙂 congrats on your new toys!

  4. Super! What a find and the wood used to make these new accessories is very different. It looks very ‘real’, almost old and distressed. Do you know what kind of wood was used?
    now of course you are ‘under the gun’ to Produce 🙂 Enjoy, never mind me!!

  5. I love reading your technical spinning posts. It’s just lovely to hear words like whorls, laceweight and bobbins. How wonderful is it that you can trace back the maker of your spinning wheel!

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