On Your Crochet Bike

May 17, 2014

IMG_0241It began with a ripped bike seat last year and a crochet cover to hide all the tape. 

IMG_2636Then the mother of one of Our Dear Boy’s school friends made a special request for her son’s ripped seat. 

IMG_2662And then Our Dear Girl, whose bike seat is just fine, really wanted one just like her brother’s but could she decide the colours? 

IMG_2667Maybe we all need one of these!

If you want to make one, here’s how:

1. Make a slip stitch, chain 4, join in a circle.

2. Make 12 double crochet (or single crochet to you US folks) into the ring

3. (Chain 2, 4 DC) and repeat twice more. Now you have your triangle shape.

4. Just keep going around in DC and at the corners, (DC, 2 chain, DC).  Keep going till you have the size of the seat top.

5. Now DC without corners for 4 rounds.

6. Now treble all around for 2 rounds, finish off.

7. Thread elastic through the last round and knot tightly when the cover is pulled firmly over the seat.

It matters not your yarn or your hook size, just use whatever scraps are to hand…it is a bike seat cover.