When Things Go Wrong

June 7, 2014

I had a very salutary realisation recently.  I am not a Japanese woman.

I made this.  It is from Yoshiko Tsukiori’s Stylish Dress Book – Wear with Freedom (2008).

IMG_2567It seemed like destiny: a beautiful book of patterns that looked so comfortable to wear, time to draw off the pattern and I found the exact amount of fabric required in an oppy (charity shop) in the perfect plaid. That is destiny right?

IMG_2569Sadly, when the dress was finished and I tried it on, I realised that I have not the physique of a young Japanese woman.  I am short of stature that is true. But I lack the shoulders and slim contours that make this dress look so lovely.

My breasts (which I had apparently mislaid in my memory) have unintended consequences on the drape and make me look like a tired, sad, put-upon mama in the Oklahoma dustbowl in the 1930s wearing a dress that fit someone else a long time ago.

IMG_2705Yes, dear readers, I am a victim of Japanese styling.  I was beguiled and enthralled by the sparse settings, lovely lighting and the I-am-effortlessly-stylish-whilst-rejecting-mainstream-fashion-in-my-comfortable-shoes-and-wool-socks model.  I lost my better judgement and any memory of what actually suits my body shape.

And yes, I am too vain to show you a picture me wearing the dress, too sad to even bother ironing it and I don’t even care that this next pic is blurry.

IMG_2707My next dressmaking foray will still be supremely comfortable but will definitely involve darts and shaping that reflect my actual body shape.

I have cast off my enthralment.

Or perhaps there is something miraculous that can be done with waist ties?

Now, a little postscript…the Ghosts in the Machine have been a little active lately. Something odd happened to the May Inside the Ribbon Tin (so click the link if you missed it) and then some of my replies to your lovely comments from Vest to Vestment have wandered off into the ether.  I do appreciate your comments and always reply…so my apologies if you didn’t get yours.  Both Ghosties have been wrestled with so it shouldn’t happen again.