Newborn Pineapple Stacks

May 4, 2014

It is getting cooler in Melbourne and tis the season for woolly hats again, especially for very new people.


This is a version of my Pineapple Stacks Hat for a newborn. I used same cast on and pattern repeats as for the baby size but one less vertical pattern repeat.  Newborns lie down a lot. A hat that comes down over your eyes is no fun when you don’t even know you have arms or how your hands work so this shallower version should be just thing.

The yarn is Jo Sharp Classic DK. I had a little bit in the stash and was inspired by this beautiful natural cream version of Pineapples Stacks. The light colour seems to enhances the textural elements.

Details of the newborn Pineapple Stacks are ravelled here and if you would like to knit a Pineapple Stacks of your very own in any size, the pattern is available for purchase here.

Be well and strong, little person.

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  1. Beautiful wee thing. Totally agree with you on the shallow depth for a newborn – it must be so unpleasant for the littles otherwise!

    I really like the way the colour highlights the pattern texture too.

  2. Just looked up Melbourne’s weather, curious to know what ‘cooler’ means to you:) Those temps would be we are getting Warmer!
    But not today, just had a wild hail storm……….spring, arghhhjh
    That is a sweet hat. Good idea.

  3. Do you think it would work in cotton or some other Adelaide summer friendly yarn? It’s such a delightful pattern and I want to make one for the new November 2014 edition addition(a cousin for Zoe!) to our extended family.

    1. Your cotton question is a good one and I am really not sure how it would go.

      Cotton doesn’t have the elasticity of wool so the hat might end up large and floppy. You might be better making the baby size in wool for the baby’s first winter.

      A light cotton knit hat would be ideal for a November newborn but I think you would need a pattern designed for cotton.

  4. Thanks Rebecca. Knitting with cotton is a bit of a new concept for me but I think I get what you mean. Going to knit one in wool anyway and if I get adventurous and try cotton or bamboo or another mystery yarn I’ll report back.

  5. I love this beanie and I think the little boy looks very handsome wearing it. You are a clever lady! xo

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