March 25, 2014

IMG_1933We have been making crowns for birthdays.

Easily made from bits and pieces from your stash, these are half crowns that fit across the front of a child’s head and fasten around the back with elastic.  They fit a range of head sizes (2 – 5 years), they can be put on easily by the child and they stay on!


1. Cut out a crown shape measuring 28cm x 8cm from iron-on interfacing and then fuse it onto some yellow drill cotton (larger by 1 cm all round than the interfacing) with the iron.

2. Turn over and sew any braid decoration to the right side.  This part is great for kids to be involved in picking out and arranging the braid.

3. Pin another piece of drill same dimensions as the first, to the right side of your crown piece, sandwiching a 21 cm piece of elastic at the sides (1 cm selvedge each end) and sew along the sides and top of the crown leaving the bottom open.

4. Clip the edges and corners, turn it out and iron the crown and the bottom seam under.

5. Top stitch the bottom seam.

IMG_1936Done and ready for ruling.