Furrow to the Plough

September 15, 2012


The cowl for me is finished and I am very satisfied.  The name came to me whilst admiring the lovely textured furrows and ridges made by the knits and purls. It looked like a fresh ploughed field ready for sowing.


The furrow reference is from one of my favourite Firefly episodes, Our Mrs. Reynolds where Mal finds himself accidently married to one very compelling Saffron (Christina Hendricks). At her beguiling best Saffron tells Mal,

I do know my Bible, sir…On the night of their betrothal, the wife shall open to the man as the furrow to the plow, and he shall work in her, in and again, till she bring him to his fall, and rest him then upon the sweat of her breast.

Blindsided, Mal almost loses the ship to her wrecker gang…almost.

If you want to make one of these too.  Here is my recipe:

Yarn: Any sportsweight, mine had a little alpaca in it I think, which drapes well.

Needles: I used 3.75mm x 80 cm circulars.

Gauge: not really important for this.

The stitch pattern is P3, K5 (8 stitch repeat). To get this going seamlessly without any jogging the recipe is [ no. of repeats by 8 sts] minus 1 for the cast on.

I cast on 231 sts (29 repeats x 8sts -1) and joined for the round adding a marker to show the beginning of the round.

[P3, K5]* repeat * till work measures 17cm from CO.

BO pearlwise.


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  1. I have just begun your lovely pattern and can’t wait to see it complete.
    I have a few questions. what do you mean by “joined for the found by adding a marker to show the beginning of the round”
    Thanks! 😉

    1. Thanks for trying my pattern. Once you have cast on all the stitches onto the circular needle, turn the needles so that you may begin to knit around in circles. Make sure the needle is not twisted. You place a marker between the last stitch cast on and the first stitch cast on, as you begin to knit to keep track of your start point. I hope this explains things for you. I look forward to seeing the finished cowl. Rebecca

  2. Thanks so much for your quick response. I just wanted to know if I continued knitting in the circle so that it was all joined or I join it at the end, once I have reached the 17cm. Also, after my first row, I ended up at kitting 4. Do I continue on the next row by knitting one and continuing with the P3K5?

    1. Yes keep knitting in a circle from the beginning. Once you have placed the initial marker – forget about it. Don’t think about rows or rounds any more, just keep knitting the P3 K5. Keep going and going, round and round until it is 17 cm deep. Finish at the marker and begin to cast off.

  3. I’ve had this in my queue over at Ravelry for years, I think. Just cast on today. It looks like I’ll be able to get a couple of these out of a skein of Malabrigo, which would be nice for an early start to Christmas presents.

    1. How lovely to hear from you Frogdancer. I am so glad you are casting on this cowl. I just finished a shawlette in Malabrigo, I am sure you will have an exceptionally pleasant knit with your skein. Enjoy!

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