Baby Boots Giveaway

February 10, 2014

In anticipation of the arrival two new baby friends, I have been making Baby Boots.

IMG_1250I made a version of these for my babes. They are sturdy and stay on kicking legs. You can tie them at the back, if your baby is of the untying inclination.

IMG_1249The pattern is Cashmere Bootees by Zoe Mellor and it appears in her Nursery Knits and Big Book of Kids’ Knits. The size is for six to nine months. These have been knitted in the first hand spun yarn I was truly proud of making.  The yarn is soft merino, variegated in a beautiful storm of sunsets and early evening blues.

IMG_1186They were knitted during a heatwave, so I am sure there is lots of extra warmth knitted in.  I knitted by a river whilst camping with friends, so I knitted in the children laughing and all their splashy fun as well.  These boots have good times knitted all through.

IMG_1241I got so excited in knitting for these two babies, not twins but neighbours, that I knitted up another pair with the very last of the yarn.  This last pair, celebrating all new babies, is my first giveaway for 2014.

IMG_1238So if you have or know a baby who has cold feet right now (Northern climes) or will have in the coming Winter (Southern climes), leave a comment and let me know.  I will post to cold-footed babies everywhere.

Update: This giveaway is now closed.