The Wreath and the Apron

December 23, 2013

IMG_0774We turned over the ‘make a wreath’ card in our Advent Calendar a few days ago.

My dearest wish would be to have a wreath of real holly, ivy, mistletoe and pine but in the Melbourne heat, even if you could get such things, it would go all wilty in a day.

So this is our version, that just sort of happened, as we were cleaning up the fabric scraps.  Our Dear Girl pulled out likely looking scraps and I cut them to size and tied them on a willow branch circlet.  As she pulled out the scraps, Our Dear Girl named all the projects they’d been used for.  There was some linen from Our Dear Boy’s sewing kit, cotton from Okie Girl and the Laura dress, the Dress A Girl frocks and our recent summer shorts project.  It was a very seasonal trip down this year’s sewing memory lane.

IMG_0701Amid all the Christmas things that should/could/might be done, an entirely spontaneous sewing session took place in the half hour before school pick up.  Our Dear Girl found an old apron in the dress ups and dreamed it could be a dress and in a few short seams it was!  I love this about sewing…the speed.  So different from spinning or knitting.

IMG_0713I seamed it to chest width and used the apron strings as straps.  There were even two white vintage buttons in the jar to finish it off.

With no expectations and only enough time for bold cutting and sewing, this project just flowed.  Even the apron pocket ended up in just the right spot.  How often does that happen?

IMG_0706Yes, Our Dear Girl is climbing into to a rubbish bin!  Actually, it is the garden waste bin that she likes to make a nest in.