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December 13, 2013

According to Our Dear Boy, despite the reassuring progression of the Advent Calendar, Christmas is too far away.  He suggests we have it earlier.

IMG_0580We have been gradually bringing out the Christmas Pantheon I made a couple of years ago. Here are the Three Kings at the beginning of their journey.

IMG_0577Here is the Holly King who reigns supreme in the winter but must yield to the Oak King in the summer.

IMG_0633Here is St Nicholas having a chat with the Norse Gods Odin and Frigg. Odin led the Wild Hunt through the stormy skies during Yule and was said to leave gifts for children. Frigg is one of my favourites.  She so loved her son Baldr that she made all living things promise to never harm him.  Only the mistletoe did not promise and Loki, the trickster god, contrived to have Baldr killed with a spear of mistltoe. Frigg’s tears became mistletoe berries.  When Baldr was restored to life, Frigg made mistletoe a symbol of love.

Beethoven is not part of the Pantheon, he just likes the company.  More folks will arrive as the days pass and it is a merry throng who oversee the opening of gifts under the tree.

IMG_0611We have also been making cards, printing pine trees from a stamp I cut from an eraser.

IMG_0613Our Dear Girl and I made some hair clip gifts.  This was actually Our Dear Boy’s idea but he had had his fill of the stamping and gone off to the Lego.  The clips are made by sticking sequins and little jewels onto a hair clip with PVA glue.  Probably not going to last the century but I don’t think Our Dear Girl is quite ready for the hot glue gun.  (Pst…I reglued these with the hot glue gun last night just to make sure!)

IMG_0671We have also been going salt-dough crazy.  It started at playgroup and we just kept making them.  The kids have been painting them and I will give them a varnish tonight.

How are the preparations going at your house?



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  1. sounds like Christmas is a lot of fun at your house 🙂 I love involving my kids in making things too – they just did some embroidery and we made it into zippy pouches for their teachers.

  2. I love seeing your crafty take on Christmas. What I love the most is that the kids are so involved too. Just gorgeous!! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon x

  3. Your felt creations are really fun, such wonderful detail. It’s great Christmas is an open party and Odin and Frigg, and the Holly King are joining in. Your tree prints are great! Using an eraser is such a clever idea. I used to make lino print Christmas cards with my dad when I was little. Such pretty clips, very festive! And how fun are those salt dough shapes. It’s a fun crafty Christmas all round at your house!!

  4. LOVE your sweet christmas preparations rebecca. i can feel the excitement and anticipation with littles at your home, so precious your dear boy wants christmas to come earlier. i did so much more, and with so little time when my own were small, now i am seriously lagging, only yesterday did i bring home a tree! made my husband happy, he said, i thought maybe we wouldn’t have one this year!

  5. looks like lots of fun and imagination at your place at the moment – wonderful!

    wise move in the after-bed hot glue gun too, I think – I had my doubts on the PVA durability 😉

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