Hot Flush

December 8, 2013

IMG_0589As we head ever closer to the Yuletide festival that cheered our ancestors through the long dark winter, the peaches and apricots are ripening in backyards across Melbourne.

We have had our first flushes of heat and in the scrabble for shorts and tshirts, I realised that whilst Our Dear Boy’s cup runneth over in the shorts department, Our Dear Girl has only two!  Two pairs of shorts do not get a four year old through one day between drink spills and craft activities.

IMG_0607We had an emergency sewing session.  Our Dear Girl selected the fabric from an edited stash collection and I ran up a couple of quick pairs.

IMG_0507I altered a shorts pattern I had for Our Dear Boy, making it narrower, shorter in length and rise. This pair is made of madras cotton I think.  It has a little seersucker type ripple through and smells slightly of dye which is curious.

IMG_0513This pair is gathered at the hem and has a pocket on the back.

IMG_0603Here is the other pair which I think might be a Liberty cotton.  It is very fine and has a slight sheen across the surface.  Both fabrics are small remnants that my mum found in a charity shop that she thought might come in handy for just such a purpose.

This pair has a pocket on the back too.  I reckon pockets are important in girl’s clothing but are often absent for some reason.  Our Dear Girl has asked for more pockets next time.

IMG_0593This pair is trimmed with the same fabric cut on the bias and gathered.  It adds a little bit of friz (she has reached the friz awareness stage) but is still practical for climbing into trees and over high fences as Our Dear Girl is wont to do.

Both pairs are have a non-twisting elastic waist in a self-casing.

They await their first paint daubs and food stains.  Viva la shorts!


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  1. What a gorgeous pair of pairs of shorts!! I love that you let Dear Girl pick the fabrics and she made wonderful choices! The frilly edges are so lovely on the pretty Liberty shorts, and the gathered hem on the others gives them a retro look. It’s great you added pockets, no doubt they’ll be used to carry all sorts of treasures all summer long.

  2. Feeling a bit jealous here in the Northern Hemisphere … we have been greeted by morning temperatures of 8 degrees F … apparently the coldest winter in the area in 40 years!

  3. Very cute! Beautiful simple designs and gorgeous fabrics. At times like this I lament the big ‘chuck out’ my mother had of her entire 60’s and 70’s fabric stash. Never-mind.. more of an opportunity for me to hit the op shops and collect my own! :0)

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