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December 29, 2013

When I asked Our Dear Girl what she most dearly wanted for Christmas she said in a wistful voice, ‘Anything princessy, just anything’.

Ah yes, she has reached that stage.  She has worked out that she is a girl and now she is working out what girls are. I really want her to have more options than pink fairy princesses carrying handbags wearing lipstick eating cupcakes whilst being beautiful all the time.

IMG_0960The Christmas wish meant it was time to tackle the Princess thing head on. We talked about a special costume and she told me all the elements that were required for a Princess dress.

IMG_0952I used the Simplicity 3725 pattern I had for her Laura dress, altering the sleeves and overskirt swag.  Apparently these were critical Princess components.  The sleeves could only be short and puffy. She also gave me a rope of silver Christmas balls that had to be incorporated too.

IMG_0969The bodice and swag were made from an apricot poplin destashed from a friend and clearly from an earlier time, quite possibly the eighties.  The underskirt was from an old curtain that we had been using as a pirate sail. There is also a handy sword belt for defending the kingdom and a treasure pocket for dragon hoards.

IMG_0955The cloak is magic and gives the wearer the ability to move unseen in the forest. It attaches with velcro to the inside back neck of the bodice.

IMG_0967We also gave her some great picture story books about princesses who put out fires, play soccer and open their own pizza shops. Hopefully, we are steering this Princess thing in the right direction or maybe we are headed straight for the rocks where the mermaids will tear our boat to shreds and Our Dear Girl will do battle with her Witch Queen mother who has stolen all the pink and cupcakes from the world and made it forever winter.

After all that excitement, I wanted to make Our Dear Boy a costume too but he is rather disinclined that way. At his sister’s age, he was rather partial to a special whirling dress he said was for dancing, some butterfly wings and a crown made out of cockatoo feathers but generally his version of dressing up in costume is a sword belt or some overalls. He has the firstborn’s birthright of being ‘sensible’ and an awareness of embarrassment.

After suggesting wizards and knights, I was permitted to make an Explorer’s Vest with lots of pockets and tags to hang things off. I got the idea from the fabulous sweetjuniperwoodcraft blog.

IMG_0980The pockets all have velcro closures and the lower pockets have a gusset to fit in bigger things. It is made with an Indian furnishing cotton that had been destashed from the same friend as the apricot poplin.  The vest is fully lined with a woven cotton check.

IMG_0973There is even a secret pocket inside with a zipper.  But it is so secret that Our Dear Boy said I could not show it in a picture.  Fair enough!

IMG_0981You can see one of the tabs here for hanging handy stuff like scissors, saws or perhaps a bag of pink cupcakes which both my children tell me are the best kind.

Was there something special you made for Christmas?


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  1. This is a truly magical princess dress – worthy of a canny and brave princess who can navigate the terrible Swamp of Wishy-Washiness, rise above the lurid pink Pouting Bog, climb the slippery mirrored glass mountains of Simpering Smiles and return home with treasure truly all her own.
    Love xox

  2. wonderful stuff! a very practical, and very adventure-y type of princess, by the looks. what the world needs more of 🙂

    Your boy’s vest is truly what every little boyster wants too, isn’t it? lots of pockets for collecting and transporting, not to mention places for all your special tools and equipment

  3. You are an awesome mom. Those are perfect costumes for adventurous children! My kids are grown now, but I look back fondly at costumes like Redwall tunics for swashbuckling mice. The land of make-believe is a magical place.

  4. What a fun post! You did an awesome job on that Princess dress…with help of course 🙂 and what a great way to re-direct her into ‘sensible’ things. I think I want one of those vests!!!

  5. Fabulous, absolutely fabulous. Feeling very special that I was allowed to see these items in the flesh, they look even better (especially the princess dress covered in all the muck from a good day out with friends 😉 ). You continue to amaze me x

  6. A real live princess fairy dress!! That is so wonderfully fantastical!! Dear Boys vest is fabulous too with those big handy pockets and the perfect shade of green to be camouflaged in the trees. Oh the adventures you children will have in their magical outfits.

  7. Oh goodness I already know that I will struggle with the whole princess thing but I really like the way you dealt with the situation. I’ll have to remember that when the time comes. And that cape is the best!

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